That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 418

We Can Never Be Together

Summer finished packing her things and was about to leave in disappointment when she saw the man
with an unmistakably strong presence.

He walked steadily with a group of people following him. His face portrayed no emotions, but his gaze
was chillingly cold.

Summer felt insignificant before him.

She looked at him with surprise and a hint of fear.

Her voice faltered but remained calm. “Dex, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

She called his name so gently that it made one’s heart flutter.

No one expected Dexter would take the trouble to return to the company to meet such a junior

Dexter glanced at her and stepped forward to open the door. He instructed the others, “You can all
leave first.”

The group of people left, but they could not resist glancing at Summer curiously. They could not figure
out what was going on.

Summer had a spring in her step as she kept up with Dexter. Her disappointed heart revived and
blossomed with joy.

She followed him and said timidly, “Dex, I thought you wouldn’t return.”

Dexter had always hidden his emotions. One could never tell what he was thinking from his expression.
He looked at Summer indifferently. “You should know I don’t come here to discuss such things.”

Summer tilted her head in confusion. “What do you mean? I’m here to interview you on behalf of

“You hired people to take those photos.”

Summer’s expression darkened instantly. “What photos?”

Dexter quietly observed her under the light.

“Summer, I hope you know not to go overboard.”

Summer’s smile faded slightly. “Dex, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

We Can Never Be Together

Dexter poured a glass of water for himself. Drops of water stained his lips.

Summer stepped forward and said, “Dex, I know my feelings for you are causing you inconvenience.
I’m sorry, but I can’t control how I feel. I only wish to stay by your side, and I’m willing to wait for you.”

She poured out her heart to him and did not attempt to hide.

Dexter found it funny. “Why are you waiting for me? What makes you think you have the right to do

“It’s because you are here now.”

Dexter looked into her eyes and saw the anxiety and uncertainty in them. He did not hold back on his

“We can never be together.”

Those simple few words shattered her heart.

She almost could not hold back her tears.

“You should already know when you went to London that we can never be together.”

Summer resisted crying. Tears gathered in her eyes, but she willed them not to fall. At the same time,
she replied calmly, “No matter what, I’m here on a work matter. Since you agreed to accept my
interview, you won’t go back on your words, right?”

Summer was clever to switch the topic back to work.

It was three in the morning when the interview ended. The heavy rain outside gradually

came to a stop.

Dexter left right after the interview. He had been indifferent throughout the meeting. Still, he answered
the questions posed to him. At least he was kind enough to give her exclusive answers. With these, the
newspaper would sell well tomorrow.

He seemed disinterested and somewhat relaxed during the interview. Beneath his demeanor, one
could see that he did not care at all.

Dexter did not care about Summer.

At the most, he might have some consideration for their relationship, prompting him to give in to some
of her requests.

Yet, he seemed heartless when he left immediately after the interview. He gave her no chance to ask
him to stay.

We Can Never Be Together

Summer stood still and narrowed her eyes. Her gaze was filled with scheme and hatred.

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