That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 413

Secretly Photographed

Josie received a call from Alice the morning after she got drunk. After a moment of silence, Alice said,
“What the heck happened?”

Josie was briefly confused. Her memories were vague. I think Dexter picked me up after I got


Then, we bumped into Alice…

He carried me off…

Josie’s forehead throbbed. She replied awkwardly, “Erm… Would you believe me if I say he’s a distant

Alice snorted and said, “Why would your distant relative bridal carry you?”

Her voice was so loud that Josie instinctively held the phone away from her ear. At the same time, Alice
scolded, “You always said your husband refused to meet anyone due to his disability. Never did I
dream that he was Dexter! My goodness, Josie! How could you do this? How could you trick me for so

Josie listened to her scolding quietly and nodded. “Don’t be angry. There are good reasons for hiding it.
I didn’t have a choice.”“

Alice took a deep breath. “When did it start? Josie, I knew you were courageous, but I didn’t expect you
to be this daring. I can’t believe that you’re in a relationship with Dexter. No, wait. The more important
question is, how did you do it?”

Josie bit her lip. “One needs a bit of luck sometimes, and I was lucky then.”

Alice was silent for a while before saying, “I remember everything. You’re the woman in those tabloid
photos. I’ve always wondered why the woman looked like you. Now I know it was you!”

“Also, what’s your status with him? Are you dating him?”

Josie was rendered speechless. She knew it was impossible to continue hiding it. Thus, she

confessed, “We’re married.”

Alice was stunned into silence.

She remained silent for a long time.


“Are you okay?” Josie asked cautiously.

“My friend is my boss’ wife. Heck, I’ve been living in a TV drama all this while.”

“That’s not true. It might be over soon,” Josie said honestly.

But Alice refused to believe her. “Cut the cr*p. I saw how Mr. Russell treated you yesterday. He only
had eyes for you. He looked so furious like he wanted to kill everyone who touched


Josie was stumped. “Other than you, who saw us that night?”

“Billy, but he probably won’t say anything. Mr. Russell’s secretary warned him.” Alice suddenly realized
something. That means everyone in the secretary’s office knew about it!”

“Wait, but if they knew, why did you resign from the design department? Was it to avoid suspicion?”

Josie could not tell her that it was Dexter’s punishment for her. “It’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it
another time.”

“By the way, where are you now?”

Josie had just finished washing up when a servant brought her a hangover soup. “I added truffles to the
soup. Old Mr. Russell arranged for someone to bring truffles here two days ago and instructed you to
have them for your health.”

Josie nodded.

She had not visited Henry for a long time as she was busy dealing with many cumbersome matters.
Moreover, her relationship with Dexter was not going well. She was not sure how she should face

She felt guilty toward him.

Her phone buzzed with a new message as she was still on the call with Alice. The message contained
a few blurred photos, but Josie could see that those photos showed Dexter carrying her drunken self
into the car. They were taken from an angle that made it seem like she and Dexter were intimate.

Most importantly, the photos showed her face.

The sender messaged. ‘Pay up if you don’t want them leaked’

Josie’s heart sank. She looked down and messaged back. ‘How much do you want?”

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