That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 401

Interrogating His Son-In-Law

Josie took a nap and slept until the afternoon. Opening her eyes, she realized Dexter had awoken and
was working on the couch.

“Are you up?”

“Mm.” Her eyes weren’t fully open.

“Let’s go to the hospital after you freshen up.”

“Mm.” Josie was in a daze but quickly came to her senses. “Hmm?!”

She wanted Dexter to go to the hospital and visit her dad with her. Still, she never thought he would
initiate it before she even mentioned it.

In the evening, Josie and Dexter walked into the hospital room together. They seemed to be laughing
and chatting with each other.

Dexter was handsome, and he had gifts in his hands. It was an astonishing scene at one glance.

It wasn’t the head nurse’s first time seeing him. She was very friendly. “Ah, you’re here again, Mr.
Russell How thoughtful.”

Dexter was courteous and polite. “I came to visit my elder.”

The word ‘elder’ was vague.

The head nurse’s gaze fell on his hand that was holding Josie’s. She paused and continued smiling.

She moved away, and Paul, resting on the hospital bed, saw Dexter.

Dexter leaned over and shook Paul’s hand with a smile. “Mr. Warren, I’m Jo’s husband. I’m sorry for
coming so late. I’ve been busy recently.”

Paul had been delighted when he learned his daughter was married, but his pupils shrank when he
saw Dexter’s appearance. It was as though he saw something unimaginable. The grip of his
handshake tightened. “You”

Dexter looked at Paul cautiously and furrowed his brows. His feigned kindness faded.

Paul shivered at Dexter’s gaze.

Josie was already nervous. She subconsciously wanted to walk forward when she saw the two silent.

At that moment, Paul smiled. “Hello. I heard Jo mention it. Are you a Russell?”

“Yes. Dexter Russell. You can call me Dex.

Paul had a radiant smile.

Josie felt anxious. Not many called Dexter ‘Dex. Now, Dexter added her dad to the list.

“Alright.” Paul pointed at Josie. “Leave for a while. I want to talk to Dex in private.”

Dexter smiled in response.

“Huh? What are you going to talk about?” Josie didn’t know what her dad wanted to say, but the head
nurse was wise and pushed Josie out of the room. “Don’t you understand? Your dad wants to
interrogate him?”

Josie subconsciously wanted to enter again when the door shut but was stopped. “What are you
doing? Are you so concerned for your man?”

“It’s not… Josie couldn’t say why. She couldn’t think of what her dad and Dexter would talk about. They
seemed to be from different worlds.

“Never mind.”

She walked to a bench in the corridor and sat down. It was a wonderful feeling. Someone was
supporting her, and she was no longer alone.

“I think Mr. Russell is pretty good but doesn’t seem ordinary. It’s alright for your dad to talk to his son-in-


Josie thought to herself. That’s what I’m afraid of.

At that moment, in the room.

Dexter was standing, towering over the old man on his sickbed, because Paul had said, “You’re Dexter
Russell from Russell Group.”

Paul was confident. It astonished Dexter.

“Do you know who I am, Mr. Warren?”

Paul looked at him for a long time and suddenly laughed. I’ve been bedridden and can only watch
television. I see you on the news every day. How can I not recognize you?”

I see.

Dexter nodded. He was aware that Paul was his father-in-law.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Warren. I’ll treat Jo well.”

Paul’s gaze drifted, and he seemed to be using a lot of effort to speak. “How did you two meet?”

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