That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 421

Competing Bid

The secretary shouted on Dexter’s behalf, “1.5 million.”

Whenever Josie increased the bid by one hundred thousand, Dexter would counter with another two
hundred thousand.

Mrs. Langman did not seem displeased. Instead, she watched the scene with interest.

Josie was not sure what she should do. It was only a woman’s bracelet, yet Dexter persistently bid for
it. She wondered which woman he planned to give it to and felt annoyed.

Still, she was determined not to let him humiliate her.

Josie announced daringly, “1.8 million.”

The bid attracted even more attention to her. Everyone looked at the bracelet and wondered what was
so unique that she would bid such an incredible sum.

Dexter countered calmly, “Two million.”

Josie was bursting with fury.

Dexter was always like this. He would always do something just enough to grate on her


Two million was a tremendous sum, but it meant nothing to Dexter. However, it was not a sum Josie
could afford to play with.

Josie glared at Dexter furiously, but he did not look at her. It angered her, prompting her to grab her
phone and message him.

Dexter received the message. ‘Why do you bid like that? Aren’t you worried about what people would

Josie thought she had caught his weakness and announced her bid, “2.5 million.”

She was fuming and was determined not to let Dexter give the bracelet she liked to someone else.

Dexter read the message and chuckled. Then, he raised his hand and said, “Three million.”

Mrs. Langman gasped slightly, alerting Josie of her recklessness. Josie realized it was pointless to
compete with Dexter. He could spend any amount of money to bid for the bracelet regardless of what
others thought. On the other hand, Josie could not afford to behave that way.

It’s only a bracelet.

Josie calmed down and stopped bidding.

Thus, Dexter won the bid with three million.

After the dust had settled, Josie covered her face sadly, hiding from the crowd’s curious


She did not notice Dexter looking at her.

After that, no other items at the auction caught Josie’s interest. Instead, she found it fascinating
watching people bidding for them. Later, she was tired and said goodbye to Mrs. Langman before
leaving the auction venue.

She glanced at Dexter’s seat before leaving and noticed he had left.

The auction was held in a hotel owned by the Olsen family. Many of the guests chose to stay the night
there, including Josie.

Later, Josie would find herself stopped at the door the second time.

It was a late night. The surveillance recording showed that the hotel corridors were empty. The wall
lamps cast small shadows on the wall. There was no movement and not a person in sight.

About two minutes later, the elevator door gradually opened, revealing a woman. She went to her room
and suddenly stopped before the door. It seemed she had seen something and retreated from it.

Suddenly, an elegant man stepped out from a corner and said something to her. He pulled her into his
embrace in the next second and leaned down to kiss her. She struggled wildly in his hold but could not
break free from him.

Thus, the two rolled and bumped against the wall as Josie fought intensely against him.

Her feminine scent filled his nostrils and stirred something within him, prompting him to clasp her back
tightly. He let his hand travel down her back and caressed her skin. Their lips kiss intensely.

Josie smelled the tobacco smell on his body and knew who he was.

She could not figure out how Dexter could be so shameless. He competed for the bracelet against her
a moment ago and had no qualms about making out with her afterward.

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