That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 414

Schemed against Him

‘Five million.

There was no way she had that much money. It seemed the sender knew she was Mrs. Russell. They
dared to make such an outrageous demand, knowing she had the support of the Russell family.

‘Mrs. Russell, I know neither of you wants your identity exposed. So, you should pay me to destroy the
evidence for your protection.”

Josie took a deep breath and messaged. ‘Give me some time to think about it.’

She told the matter to Alice. Alice soon arrived at Mason Garden.

She had never been to Dexter’s residence. Although she was still furious with Josie, she could not help
but feel nervous as she headed there.

It was undoubtedly a residential area for the upper class. She entered the Mason Garden compound
and found many people walking around in casual clothes. They looked like passersby but were secretly
guards. Each of them was strong and tough, like Dexter.

They checked her ID, took her thumbprint, and called Josie to confirm her visit.

Josie seemed used to the procedures. “Yes, let her in. She’s my friend.”

Then, Alice was finally able to get in without obstruction.

Once she entered the house, the servants greeted her politely and served her tea and cakes. The
hospitality in this house was top-notch.

Josie sat in the room and looked in a daze at the photos on her phone. “I have a complaint. Don’t they
know how to take photos? Why do I look so ugly in them?”

She could barely remember what happened yesterday. However, looking at the paparazzi’s photos
helped her understand the situation. She found the photos quite amusing. Dexter was quite good to
her, seeing how he frequently carried her like that.

Alice could not sit still from fury. “Does it matter? They photographed your face. D*mn, those paparazzi.
You will be in serious trouble if your face gets exposed!”

Meanwhile, Dexter returned to Mason Garden at this moment. Moses followed him and did not dare to
speak. He was unsure whether Dexter was in a bad mood because Summer just stopped the car.

“Where’s Josie?”

Schemed against Him

“Mrs. Russell is upstairs with a friend.”

It was the first time Josie had a friend visiting Mason Garden.

Josie could not figure out which media company dared to do this. “Why did they dare to photograph

Alice fanned herself with her hand. “It’s five million. Who wouldn’t want it?”

Surprisingly, Josie was still able to laugh it off. “Honestly, Dexter won’t care about that amount of
money. He might give it to them, but I don’t want them to have it easy.”

Alice stared at Josie and seemed truly stunned for a moment. “He’s your husband, after all.”

Josie placed the phone on the table and sighed in relief. Thank goodness Arnold is not the one in the

“Arnold?” Alice nearly jumped with fury. “You dare to think about Arnold? If they snapped you with him,
that would be more than five million. Imagine the amount of criticism you would face.”

Josie’s skin gleamed beautifully under the light. She blinked indifferently and replied, “That’s why we
should be thankful they didn’t take a photo of me with Arnold. I’m lucky that they only caught me with

Alice pursed her lips. “Is it any better?”

Josie answered, “Arnold is different…”

He is single, and the public is less interested in his status. People will not bat an eyelid seeing him flirt
with a woman.

But it is different for Dexter.

“I’m not paying them five million. They can publish the photos if they want. But before this, we must find
a way to let Dexter’s assistant discover them. Then, Dexter will buy up. all the photos, and there won’t
be any scandal.”

Josie understood Dexter’s thoughts.

She knew he needed to keep the Olsen family in check. Summer would cause a massive uproar if she
saw those photos.

Jose’s expression dulled slightly as she thought about it.

Alice understood Josie’s plan. “But… aren’t you scheming against Dexter?”

Schemed against Him

“He had schemed against me many times,” Josie replied emotionlessly. She saw that now. The
moments she thought were blissful were only illusions. He had always been scheming against her.

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