That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 416

The Consequence of Betrayal

“I will not tolerate any betrayal,” Dexter said sternly. “I’ve told you this many times.”

His smile blossomed beautifully like a flower in spring, but Josie knew it hid evil intentions. “Why do you
look at me like that? I didn’t do anything to him except transfer him to Rivodia and make him start from
the lowest position.”

Josie choked with guilt, knowing she dragged Kevan into trouble when he did nothing wrong.

“That’s enough!” Josie shouted. “You… You’re too cruel…”

Dexter looked at her coldly. “What are you talking about? It’s you who are disloyal to me.”

But you are always suspicious and are the first to betray my trust. Josie nearly blurted out those words,
but she resisted them.

Dexter had a twisted set of rules. Only he could scheme against others. He would not tolerate anyone
employing any tricks against him.

Josie swallowed her anger. “What do you want to say?”

Dexter placed his hands behind his back and leaned toward her ear. It seemed like an

intimate gesture, but his words were harsh and cruel. “Don’t do it if you are not completely sure you will
succeed. Otherwise, you know what will happen if I catch you.”

He had told her the consequences of betrayal the night before.

Fury surged through Josie. She shoved Dexter away and glared at him furiously.

Dexter looked at her in disbelief before walking away indifferently.

His gentleness and kind words were all pretense. Instead, he revealed his true nature in his schemes.

Josie was afraid and hurriedly turned on her phone. She looked closely at her chat log with Arnold and
found nothing damning,

But Dexter was easily suspicious, and his hunches were accurate. Josie had betrayed herself through
her intense reactions.

It was his habit to strangle any issues at its cradle.

Dexter was ruthless in his ways. No one could hope to take advantage of him.

However, Josie seemed to have forgotten that Dexter set aside an urgent work matter to meet

her last night, only for her to scheme against him in the morning. No one could stand such betrayal.

The lights were off. Dexter sat in the darkness, surrounded by a cold and intimidating aura.

He remained silent for a long time before saying indifferently, “Moses, have I not treated her well?”

Moses broke out in cold sweat. He knew what Dexter meant.

“You… were good to her. It’s she who had gone overboard.”

Dexter fell silent.

The silence felt suffocating to anyone around him.

Moses thought Dexter would keep brooding silently, but he suddenly tapped on the table and said, “I
need you to investigate who owns that studio.”

“Are you saying…”

“Find out who did it. That photographer has no idea what he’s up against. How dare he extort money
from me?”

Furthermore, this incident caused him to hear unpleasant words against him. Therefore, he would
ensure the photographer would never be able to work in his field again.

The domestic economy is gradually worsening due to the outbreak of the trade war. The effects spread
to various industries, filling the public with unprecedented fear. Many companies already started mass
layoffs, especially in the finance industry.

The mass layoff inevitably hurt many individuals and families. It was a difficult decision to make. Still,
Russell Group was humane and sent mediators to talk to each staff. It also made sure to pay

Furthermore, Dexter appeared in public more frequently. To avoid mass panic, he accepted a few
interviews in newspapers and magazines. However, he would only allow face-to-face interviews, with
no voice recording or photographs taken.

Dexter was famous in the business circle. Everyone knew about his unique ability to manage Russell
Group. Most importantly, everyone who had met him praised how handsome he was.

Due to this, media companies would always send male staff to interview him. They were concerned
that a female employee would be influenced by her emotions and could not be objective.

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