That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 417

She Waited for Six Hours

But it was different in Vaste.

Summer was known for her astute analysis ever since she joined the company, especially in matters
concerning Russell Group. Her research was always the best and the most accurate.

Usually, an outstanding woman like her would be proud and even arrogant.

However, Summer always kept a low profile whether in Vaste or outside. She avoided getting into

Furthermore, Summer had an old-fashioned habit. She would only write with carbon pencils and write
fast with neat handwriting. It was perfect and flawless, like her.

The city lights came on, illuminating the gorgeous night scenery. Summer stayed back in the office
alone to work overtime. One could hear the restless scratching noises of the pencil on


Suddenly, she heard the door open and close and gathered the courage to stand up.

The supervisor had just finished work. He smiled upon seeing her. “Summer, it’s great that you’re
hardworking but don’t overwork yourself. You should go home soon.”

Summer had a solemn expression as she said, “I… I would like to discuss something with


“Oh? Sure.”

“I heard our company is given a chance to interview Dexter. I wish to compete for the opportunity to
interview him.”

The supervisor’s expression changed instantly. He had finished considering whom to send for the
interview and had a senior reporter in mind.

Furthermore, it was common sense not to send a staff who had just joined them. It would trigger much

Summer seemed to guess what he was thinking and explained hurriedly, “I feel this is a chance for me
to improve. You have seen how I questioned Dexter during the press conference. I believe I’ve done
well. Honestly, I wish to rise in the ranks. I hope you can give me this chance, and I assure you that I
will do well and not disappoint you.”

The supervisor considered in silence for some time.

He had encountered many ambitious subordinates throughout his career, but Summer was

She Waited for Six Hours

the first to be this frank about her goals.

Summer clasped her hands nervously.

The supervisor answered, “Sure.”

That prompted her to smile in delight.

“I’m allowing you to go because of two reasons. First, you have conducted yourself well in the previous
press conference. Second, I admire your courage. However, you will be penalized if you fail to
complete the task properly.”

Summer smiled. “Don’t worry. I will get it done.”

Unfortunately, Dexter kept failing to show up at the appointed time for the interview.

He had a business gathering more important than the interview. It was still ongoing during the
appointed interview time.

Summer sat in Russell Group’s reception room. Her cup of black coffee had turned cold. It was already
late. An assistant from the secretaries’ office came over a few times to inform her that Dexter would not
be coming today, and they had to arrange another appointment for

the interview.

Yet, Summer always responded with a smile, “It’s okay. I’ll wait for him.”

It was past midnight when the business gathering ended. Dexter entered his car and accepted the
hangover medicine his secretary offered. He consumed it without hesitation.

Once the car started, the secretary suddenly recalled something and said, “There’s a call from the
company just now, saying that the researcher, who had an appointment to interview you, is still waiting
for you. She refuses to leave.”

Dexter’s eyelid twitched slightly. “When was the call?”

“Two hours ago. Taking that into account, she has probably waited for six hours.”

Dexter remained silent.

It was finally raining, which was much welcomed on this stuffy summer night. Huge drops of rain fell
onto the ground, splattering water everywhere.

After a while, Dexter said, “Bring me to Russell Group.”

“Why? But you’ve been working for too many hours today…”

“Send me to Russell Group.”

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