That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 407

He’s Not Back

The results of the competitive bidding were released half an hour later.

Josie had left the venue, and Arnold’s staff called her to inform her. “Thank you, Ms. Warren. We won
the project.”

Josie smiled. It was what she had expected because Dexter had personally written half the proposal.
He hadn’t done such a thing in many years. It was unimaginable.


The other party paused. “Mr. Carter wants to buy you a meal to thank you next week. Would you do
him the honor?”

A red light was ahead, and Josie’s car stopped for a while. “There’s no need. Please help me tell him
that I’ve returned his favor. We can act as strangers the next time we meet.”

The other party was startled. Josie had hung up.

After that, she typed a message on her phone slowly before sending it. ‘Are you free today?”

There was no reply, so she sent another message. I’m going to cook at my dad’s place. Do you want to

There was still no reply, so she thought he must have been busy. Her lips curved slightly, and she kept
her cell phone. She turned and headed to the supermarket.

Paul was hard at work at his rehabilitation in his residence. He was surprised when he saw her coming
in with many bags. “Why did you buy so much food? I can’t finish it.”

Josie smiled craftily. “It’s alright. I’m going to show off my skills today. You haven’t tried my cooking in a
long time, have you?”

Paul looked at her adoringly, and his eyes were filled with regret. “Yes. It’s been a long time.”

“It’s all your fault. You slept for so long, so you didn’t have a chance to try my cooking,” Josie said as
she started preparing the ingredients.

Dexter sat down and helped her. It was rare for the father and daughter to have alone time, so they
cherished it very much.

“You’ve interacted a lot with Dr. Sander in these four years, right?” He asked half-jokingly.

Josie couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes. Matt takes care of us a lot. I wouldn’t know what to do without him
these four years.”

Paul nodded. “So, did you ever like him?”

Their conversation was moving too quickly, but Josie kept smiling. She shook her head.



“You like Dex so much?”

Josie paused as she was peeling potatoes. After a moment, she nodded slowly and solemnly. “Mm.

Paul understood. His daughter didn’t want anyone but Dexter. He nodded slowly. “Alright. That’s good.”

Josie never thought her admiration for someone could turn into love. It was a fascinating process. She
wanted to stop, but she couldn’t.

She decided to stop being suspicious and jealous. She wanted to talk frankly and openly with Dexter. It
would be best if he thought the same.

Josie had great skills. She remembered that Dexter loved Italian food, so she made a variety of piping
hot dishes that filled the table. They looked extremely enticing.

But she looked at her cell phone a few times and didn’t see a reply from Dexter.

She pursed her lips and walked to the balcony. She called Dexter, but he didn’t pick up. The endless
beeping made her feel downcast. What is he doing? Is he so busy that he can’t look at his cell phone
all day?

She sent another message. ‘Are you coming?”

She still didn’t receive a reply.

The sun had set entirely, and the sky was dark. It was eight thirty at night. The news had ended, and
the dishes were getting cold, but Dexter had yet to appear.

Paul could guess what had happened when he saw his daughter’s quiet demeanor. He said half-
jokingly, “You remembered that I like Italian food. Good job. Let me try.”

Josie forced a smile and took some food for him. “Alright, but you can’t overeat. The doctor says you
shouldn’t eat too much sodium because it’s bad for you. Just try a little of everything.”

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