That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 427

Snooping Around

They were determined to drag her down with them.

Summer smiled angrily and said sharply, “What makes you think the higher-ups won’t believe me if I
were to clear my involvement in this error? You claimed I know Dexter’s secretary. You two will be in
trouble if he helps me escape blame.”

Summer had always assumed a gentle demeanor and had never spoken to them in such a stern tone.
Her words shocked the two women and struck their sore spots, causing them to almost jump from fury.

On the other hand, Summer had enough of talking to them. She took her laptop and left.

It wasn’t that she refused to help them. However, she could not stand the way they threatened and
forced her to help.

Summer calmed slightly after returning to her room. Her words were harsh, but they were only empty
threats to scare the women.

I have to get the draft article back, no matter what.

How can I do that?

Summer had always hoped she could stand pure and blameless before Dexter and face him with
dignity. She was worried that Dexter would refuse to listen to her if she went to inform him about the
error. Even if he were willing to hear her out, he would lose his respect for her. After all, he hated
people who made mistakes.

Summer’s frustration grew the more she thought about it. She threw her phone on the floor.

However, she had no choice but to accept her situation. She picked up her phone and left the


She considered Dexter’s schedule and knew he would have dinner at this hour. Previously, she had
heard from someone about the room he stayed in. Thus, she hurried into the elevator and went to the
hotel’s office before heading to Dexter’s room.

Then, she showed the office staff her identification documents and proved her identity. “I want to clean
my room but don’t want to get my clothes dirty. Can I borrow a set of housekeeper’s uniform?”

The staff carefully checked her identification and let her borrow a set of the housekeeper’s uniform.

Summer breathed a sigh of relief and changed into the uniform. As she put it on, she could

Snooping Around

not help but feel despair that a wealthy lady like her would resort to such a step.

There were guards outside Dexter’s room. Summer still looked pretty and elegant with a mask on her
face. However, the guards did not recognize her, allowing her to sneak into the room as a housekeeper.

The room was a presidential suite. It had everything that one would need. The spaciousness of the
room made Summer uncomfortable.

Summer did some simple cleaning work to keep up her act as a housekeeper. She gradually moved to
Dexter’s bedroom. Everything appeared still under the bright light. She could vaguely smell the
cigarette Dexter usually smoked.

The smell filled her with a sense of sadness. She crouched down to tidy up the things on the bedside

Strange… Dexter is a clean freak. Why is the bedside table so messy?

After arranging the items on the bedside table, she found a pile of drawing pads and notes on the floor.
They were full of drawings. One of the pages had an illustration of a pig and the name ‘Dexter Russell’
written beside it.

Summer’s fingers shook as she flipped through the pages. She soon found one with Josie’s


Her handwriting is beautiful.

A few hair ties and hair clips were also beside the drawing pads. They looked like they belonged to a
woman. Summer also found a few sanitary pads.

These confirmed that Josie and Dexter were staying here. They seemed close and were at ease with
each other. Otherwise, Dexter would never have allowed her to make such a mess in his living space.

The place gave Summer a glimpse of their relationship. It was filled with trust and love.

Those were what Summer had never been able to attain all her life.

She forced down the desire to cry and entered the study next to the bedroom.

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