That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 423

Frozen Lasagna

Josie kept feeling troubled about accepting the bracelet. It was too expensive.

Dexter was insatiable and made love with her through the night, leaving her too tired to wake up in the
morning. She slept until noon and woke up to Dexter cooking lasagna.

The hotel room had a kitchen, but the only food available was frozen lasagna.

Josie went to the kitchen in her sleeping gown, only for him to push her away. “Get the onions. I asked
my secretary to buy them. Can you get them from her at the door?”

She was surprised and secretly wanted to laugh. The secretary handled major projects every day and
probably did not expect to be asked by her boss to get onions.

But the secretary even got seasonal vegetables for them. She was friendly and greeted Josie with a

Josie was charmed and thanked her before closing the door. Then, she washed the onions before
giving them to Dexter.

It was always lovely to see a man cooking for her upon waking up. It made her feel like they were

Frozen food was usually unremarkable, but Dexter somehow made it delicious.

Josie was famished and ate it happily. On the other hand, Dexter did not show much interest in food as
usual and ate only to fill his stomach. His secretary was waiting outside to report matters to him. Thus,
he left the dining table to deal with work.

He left his phone at the side. Josie suddenly noticed it while eating and had a sudden idea.

It was Dexter’s personal phone. The screen was locked with a pin code. Josie had no idea what the pin
code could be. As she tried different combinations, a voice suddenly sounded behind her. “Are you
checking my phone?”

Josie nearly dropped the phone in shock. She froze in guilt.

Dexter was initially seated in another room, listening to his secretary’s report. There was nothing
urgent, and he gave some instructions occasionally.

He could see Josie clearly from how his seat was angled. Suddenly, he saw her taking his phone and
trying to crack his code.

He caught everything she did.

Dexter smiled and raised his hand to pause his secretary. The secretary stopped speaking and noticed
a rare smile on Dexter’s face.

Dexter went to Josie and took away his phone without trouble. He held it behind him and touched the
table, tempting her. “What do you wish to see?”

Josie desperately wished to cover her face in the embarrassment of being caught.

She forced a smile and denied, “No, I don’t want to see anything.”

Dexter looked elegant, even in casual clothes. He smirked and took out his phone unhurriedly before
unlocking it and giving it to Josie. “You can search it yourself.”

After saying that, he ruffled his hair and headed to the bedroom. He said loud enough for Josie and the
secretary to hear, “I’m going to bed.”

Josie stared at his back profile in a daze. He had a good figure and a gorgeous back profile. He
seemed youthful in his relaxed state.

Josie watched him in a daze and strangely felt sad. A man of his age should still appear youthful. Yet,
Dexter was always stern and expressionless.

The phone screen was turning dim. Josie swiped on it instinctively, causing it to brighten again.

Meanwhile, the secretary closed the door and left.

No one dared to touch Dexter’s personal phone, and he would not allow anyone to touch it. Technology
is so advanced nowadays that a person can hide almost everything about himself in a phone.

Yet, he left it to her and allowed her to check it however she wished.

It felt like something a normal boyfriend and girlfriend would do. The girlfriend would always wish to
check her boyfriend’s phone.

Josie treasured her chance to look at Dexter’s phone and was suddenly unsure where to start. She
even considered selling his phone and was sure it would earn her a lot of money.

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