That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 408

They Look Well-Matched

Paul nodded. He gave her a thumbs up and complimented her after he tried each dish.

Josie was in a better mood after that but didn’t eat much. She found to-go boxes in the kitchen and put
a little of everything into the boxes. She covered them to stop them from getting cold.

“Pop, leave it there once you’re done. I’ll come back and wash up.” Josie walked to the entrance and
changed her shoes. “I’m going out for a while.”

“Jo, Paul called after her. He looked distressed. “For someone like him, nothing he does is normal. If
you can’t take it, don’t force yourself. Don’t make yourself miserable.”

In an instant, the rims of Josie’s eyes reddened. She quickly turned away and acknowledged it.

Russell Group was still brightly lit at this time. Corporate slaves lived wretched lives.

Josie had called Dexter’s secretary in advance. She said, “Mr. Russell? He’s still in his office. Mr. Olsen
is here, and they’ve been swamped today. Other executives started a trade war, and Russell Group
was involved. They’re discussing strategies.”

Josie breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the explanation. “Alright. I understand.”

“Should I remind Mr. Russell to call you back?”

“It’s alright. Let him work.” Josie smiled. She hung up and quickly walked into Russell Group.

A security guard stopped her. I’m sorry, you can’t enter without tapping your card.”

Josie was taken aback. “I… I used to work here. Don’t you recognize me? It’s me.”

The security guard was put in a difficult situation, “I do, but you can’t enter without a card. This is the
rule, Why don’t you ask your friend to come and take you in?”

Josie looked for her company ID card in her bag, but it didn’t work anymore because she had left. She
couldn’t admit to being Mrs. Russell either because no one would believe her.

“Never mind. I’ll wait here.”

Josie sat in a corner and put on a face mask. It would be too humiliating if her ex-colleagues


She didn’t see a beautiful figure heading to the highest floor in Dexter’s private elevator.

Josie hugged the boxes of food and thought to herself. How busy is he? Can’t he even glance at his
cell phone?

As she waited, the boxes in her hands were no longer warm. When she looked at the time, it was
eleven o’clock at night.

Josie felt sore from sitting, so she stood up to move about. The security guard said, “Who are you
waiting for? Most people have left at this time. How busy is your friend?”

Josie smiled and didn’t say a word.

Just as she turned around, she suddenly saw Dexter’s figure outside the Russell Group building. He
was shaking hands and saying goodbye to Mark. A dainty woman stood next to Mark. She had such a

distinguished demeanor that Josie knew it was Summer at one glance.

Summer smiled brightly at Dexter. She even hugged him, and he didn’t push her away.

After that, Mark got into his car, seemingly to give the two alone time.

Josie held her boxes of food and carefully walked closer.

As it turned out, they had come down from Dexter’s private elevator. It was no wonder she didn’t see

“I look forward to the next time I see you, Sum. Dexter’s cold voice seemed particularly romantic on this
summer night.

Summer turned and smiled. “Alright.”

Their conversation ended, and she left with Mark. Dexter put his hands behind his back and watched
them drive off. After that, he went to the garage and didn’t turn back.

Josie watched for a while until her eyes hurt before she looked away.

It was a beautiful scene when the three of them stood together. It was natural, and nothing looked out
of place.

Josie didn’t know how she felt, but she didn’t call out to Dexter.

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