That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 430

Brewing Herbs

Dexter pulled out a couple of tissue and wiped the tears on Summer’s face. She trembled slightly when
his hand came in contact with her skin.

Then, he walked past her and said flatly, “I will ignore the deleted document. If I find another mistake, I
will not hesitate to take action against Vaste.”

Is he… letting me off?

Summer’s expression brightened instantly. She knew how difficult it was to get Dexter to give in. Thus,
she was elated and temporarily forgot her heartbreak. She looked at Dexter excitedly. “Dex, you’re the

She was surprised that Dexter was willing to let her go.

Summer deleted the document and called her two colleagues. She scolded them harshly, “Don’t make
another mistake again, or Vaste will be doomed because of you. You should reflect on your mistakes.”

The two colleagues exchanged glances and breathed a sigh of relief. The mistake was unintentional,
and they were prepared to receive punishment. To their surprise, Summer dealt with the matter
perfectly. Everyone knew how scary Dexter could be.

How did she do it?

Summer came to her senses. She changed out of the housekeeper’s uniform and blushed as she
recalled how Dexter looked at her. It made her flustered.

She cooked a few dishes in the hotel’s kitchen to express her gratitude. They were all Dexter’s favorite
food. She also prepared a pot of soup. However, she was not ready to face Dexter again and thought

to request his secretary to send the food to Dexter.

Meanwhile, Dexter’s secretary came in to brew herbs for Dexter. These herbs were good for health but
were complicated to brew.

They were prepared for Josie as she had a painful period. Dexter could not bear seeing her in pain and
asked someone to prescribe herbs to help her condition.

At the moment, Josie had gone out to attend something and had not returned.

Summer saw the secretary and asked, “Are you going to brew these herbs for Dexter?”

The secretary hesitated before nodding. He seemed alert and cautious.

Summer smiled. “Let me do it. I know what to do.”

The secretary did not dare to let someone else take over his task. “Ms. Olsen, who am I to let you do
my work? Please don’t trouble yourself. I can do it.”

Summer looked at the herbs in his hands. “It’s no trouble at all. My family owns this hotel. I can instruct
someone to brew the herbs. Does that make you feel better?”

The secretary was stumped. “But…”

Dexter was dealing with work. His desk was piled with documents. It was night, and the sky had
darkened completely. Even the secretary felt tired watching him working so hard. He wished he could
get Dexter to rest.

Dexter had worked hard through the night.

Anderson recently gave him a checkup and reminded him to care for his health.

After some consideration, the secretary decided to give the herbs to Summer. He whispered, “I’ll
entrust these to you, Ms. Olsen. Please send herbal brew over once it is done.”

Summer smiled. “Please remind your boss to take care of his health.”

Although Summer could not identify the herbs, she worked earnestly and spent two hours brewing

The pot bubbled and boiled with the herbal concoction. A bitter scent filled the air.

One could tell from the smell that it was a bitter brew. Summer wondered if Dexter could stomach it.

After the herbal medicine was ready, Summer packed it properly and knocked on Dexter’s door with

Dexter looked up from work. His stern expression suddenly relaxed and turned gentle. However, he
suddenly appeared severe again when he saw the woman standing at the door.

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