That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 428

She Was Discovered

Many documents were on the table, but Summer skipped over them and opened Dexter’s laptop

It was heavily locked with passwords. The system would automatically inform Dexter if she were to key
in something wrong. Moreover, the camera would snap a photo of her and send it to the staff. It would
be difficult to escape.

Summer’s fingers hovered above the keyboard. Her mind was blank. She knew she only had one
chance, and her life would be over if she made a mistake.

Moreover, it was impossible to know his password, no matter how well she knew him.

Time passed gradually, and the sky darkened. Summer’s heart thumped nervously. She knew she
could not afford to delay any longer.

She closed her eyes and typed a few numbers.

Her breath caught in her throat.

After a while, she finally dared to open her eyes and was astounded to find the screen unlocked. She
had cracked the password.

Summer felt a sense of apprehension. After spacing out briefly, she quickly entered Dexter’s email and
scrolled down his emails individually to find the article to delete it.

Thankfully, everything went well, and she soon found the email. Furthermore, Dexter had not opened it
yet. Summer was elated but nervous. She calmed her breathing.

A stern voice suddenly sounded as she clicked on the document and was ready to delete it. “What are
you doing?”

Summer froze on her spot. She stopped everything she was doing. Her face blushed in
embarrassment, and she did not dare to look at him.

Dexter? Why is he here?

How long has he been standing there?

Shouldn’t he still be having dinner?

Dexter had returned to the suite and slept in the small room behind the study. He never left it until now.
Therefore, his staff likely had no idea that he was there. Otherwise, they would never allow anyone to
come in.

He looked tired, but his eyes were alert. He gradually came to stand behind Summer, forcing her to turn
around. He reached down and grabbed her chin. She looked up at his recently awoken face.

Her eyes were filled with fear.

Dexter pulled off her mask and raised his eyebrows. “Summer, it’s my first time seeing someone
attempt seduction in a housekeeper’s uniform.”

Summer was not sure if she should feel embarrassed or afraid. The situation felt so awkward that she
did not know what to do. She said fearfully, “Dex… I…..”

Dexter glanced at the computer screen before staring at Summer again. “You have two options. You
can either come clean about your actions or wait for my people to drag you


Both options were humiliating to Summer.

Even though Dexter had just woken up, he surrounded himself with such an oppressing aura that
Summer had difficulty breathing.

Still, Summer was intelligent and quickly decided between the two options.

“Vaste made some mistakes in the analysis report they sent you. I feared the consequences, so I
thought to sneak in to delete it. I’m sorry.”

Dexter instantly understood the gist of the matter. He was fully awake and sneered, “You must have
heard what happened to those who broke in to steal trade secrets from me. Do you know the
consequences you will face?”

Summer could not stop herself from trembling. She apologized again. “I’m sorry.”

Her plan would only succeed if she could hide it permanently. However, she would stand to lose
everything if discovered.

Summer did not consider what she would do if her plan failed. Unfortunately, she failed.

Dexter was not one to show mercy. He said sarcastically, “Summer, you’re becoming unscrupulous.”

Those words hurt Summer more than any scolding and insults she received since she started her job.

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