That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 433


“Are you here to bid on Dexter’s behalf? Did my daughter have something to do with it?”

Josie smiled and replied, “Mr. Russell is busy. He requested my help with this.”

Mark tapped his fingers on his knees and focused on her intently. His gaze made her uncomfortable. It
felt like he was trying to look through her and find something…

However, Josie investigated Mark and discovered that he was loyal to his wife and was never involved
in any scandal. Could he have secret lovers that no one knew?

Perhaps he loved someone who had left him for some reason or had passed away?

Since Mark remained silent, Josie raised her auction paddle and said, “Ninety-five million.”

Mark asked, “Do you want this item?”

Josie did not dare to move. “Mr. Russell wants it, so naturally, I want it too.”

“In that case, I will forfeit my bid.”

His sudden willingness to let go of the item surprised Josie. She felt a chill down her spine and was too
apprehensive to be happy about it. “Mr. Olsen, thank you for forfeiting. I thank you on behalf of Mr.
Russell. He will probably visit you soon to thank you in person.”

Mark kept staring at her with affection in his gaze. He fiddled with the rosary beads on his wrist. “Ms.
Warren, you looked even more like someone I used to know in this dress.”

Josie sat straight and replied, “Mr. Olsen, it’s not good to dwell too much in the past. One should look to
the future.”

Mark seemed not to hear her and appeared regretful. “If she were your age, she would have turned out
just like you.”

His words prompted Josie to frown. It seemed the person he talked about was not an old flame but
someone else.

Dexter had also mentioned that Josie looked like someone he knew.

She wondered if they were talking about the same person.

Before she could ask a question, the auctioneer shouted, “One hundred million going once. One
hundred million going twice. One…”

Josie woke up from her daze and raised the auction paddle. “One hundred and ten million.”

The venue fell into pin-drop silence. Someone raised his photo to take a picture and record the highest-
ever bid in this auction.

The auctioneer called out the bid three times and received no new offer. Thus, he brought down the
hammer and announced, “Sold!”

Josie breathed a sigh of relief. She secured the pendulum clock despite having to bid a high price.

The crowd clapped. Josie turned to Mark and nodded respectfully. “Thank you, Mr. Olsen, for letting me
have this.”

Mark glanced at her and said, “I’m not the only one in favor of you having it.”

Xanthe had long left her seat.

Josie handled the procedures and left the auction site, holding her long skirt. She stepped out of the
door and saw Eileen. It seemed she was waiting for her.

“Ms. Shaw, you’re actually serious about inviting me to a meal?”

Eileen turned to Josie. “Are you unwilling to join me? Don’t forget that I helped you when you were in

Josie could not deny that. She hesitated briefly and replied, “Wait a minute.”

She turned away from Eileen to give Dexter a call. However, no one answered. Thus, she had no
choice but to message him. I’m leaving with Eileen.

“Ms. Shaw, let’s go.”

Josie left in Eileen’s car. Coincidentally, Mark came out of the auction site at the same time and caught
a glimpse of Josie. “Did my eyes play tricks on me?”

“That’s Ms. Warren, Mr. Olsen,” the secretary answered respectfully. “She probably left with Ms. Shaw.”

Mark nodded slightly and mumbled, “Am I too blinded by the past?”

“Mr. Olsen, you loved your daughter dearly, so it’s not wrong. However, Ms. Warren is not that person.”

Mark sighed and replied, “Of course, I know that. Don’t let Summer know about this. By the way, she’s
been working nearby recently. Can you arrange with her and tell her to meet me tomorrow?”


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