That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 419

Chapter 420 The Charity Gala

Josie looked pale after saying goodbye to Mrs. Langman. Paul noticed something wrong and patted
her shoulder. “Jo, you can do anything you want as long as you feel you can bear the consequences.”


Mrs. Langman did not give up and messaged Josie the invitation later. “I will hide your identity. You can
attend the event with me as my sister.”

Josie was unsure if she made the right decision and laughed despite herself. “Sure, let’s go and check
it out then.”

There were all kinds of formal gowns in Mason Gardon. Josie picked a maxi gray dress and put it on.
Then, she styled her hair into an updo and put on a long starry earring. She looked beautiful and well-
dressed for the gala.

Mrs. Langman saw her and exclaimed how nice it was to be young.

They entered the venue arm in arm.

Josie deliberately chose to attend the auction on the second day due to concern that people she did
not want to meet would most likely attend the first day.

Unfortunately, she saw a familiar figure when she walked in.

Even though Dexter sat in a corner, his dazzling presence made him hard to miss. He was looking at a
document given by the woman beside him and signed it with a fountain pen.

Even such simple gestures were mesmerizing to watch.

Mrs. Langman asked tentatively, “Do you wish to say hello to him?”

Josie took a deep breath and looked away. “Forget it.”

She did not have anything worth auctioning or money to buy anything. She was only there to enjoy the
event with Mrs. Langman.

Then, she sat in a corner and appeared relaxed. Mrs. Langman sat by her side. Thus, no busybody
dared to come close.

Mrs. Langman bided a few items but lost interest in them. She was bored of sitting there and offered
Josie a choice. “You can bid for whatever you like. I’ll pay for it.”

Josie widened her eye. “I’m afraid I can’t accept that.”

“Since you’re here as my sister, it’s only natural that you bid for something on my account.” Mrs.
Langman caressed her cheek and chuckled.

Josie instinctively glanced at where Dexter was seated. His seat was right across hers. Thus, either of
them could easily look up and see each other.

However, she did not look his way.

At the moment, she was unsure what Dexter wanted. He would never come to an auction without a

Josie understood his ways all too well.

Although she could not figure out what Dexter wanted, she suddenly noticed something she liked.

The large screen showed a picture of a bracelet. It had a thin gleaming white chain. The bracelet had a
starry design and looked luxurious but simple. She thought it would look beautiful worn on her wrist.

That was why she liked it instantly.

The starting bid was five hundred thousand.

Josie turned to Mrs. Langman and nodded. I want to bid for this bracelet.”

Thus, she gathered courage and raised the auction paddle. “Six hundred thousand.”

The crowd looked at her and seemed determined not to let her win. “Seven hundred


“Eight hundred thousand.”

“Nine hundred thousand.”

Josie glared at the woman competing with her. It was only a bracelet. No matter how much Josie liked
it, she thought bidding one million for it was too much. Furthermore, Josie could tell from the look on
the woman’s face that she did not like the bracelet. She bid for it out of spite.

Josie looked down unhappily and did not raise the auction paddle again.

However, a stern voice broke through the peaceful atmosphere before the auctioneer could conclude
the bid at nine hundred thousand. “1.2 million.”

Josie looked up in surprise and saw it was Dexter. He conversed calmly with his secretary as if he did
not just make a tremendous bid.

Moreover, he did not look at Josie.

The Charity Gala

Josie took a deep breath and raised the auction paddle indignantly. “1.3 million.”

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