That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 422

A Gift for Her

The kiss felt so familiar that she reacted instinctively without his prompting. Dexter’s tongue. invaded
her mouth, alternating between slow gentleness and unrestrained passion.

He only let go when Josie was out of breath. He held the back of her head and looked at her with eyes
that shone like stars in the night sky.

When their eyes met, they saw unrestrained passion and longing in each other’s eyes.

Josie’s voice trembled. “Dexter…”

Dexter leaned down and kissed her again, not giving her a chance to speak.

His shirt and her dress were now disheveled. The buttons were undone, and her skirt puffed up as they
made out.

Dexter snatched Josie’s room card from her hand. He unlocked the door with a ‘click’ and barged in.

Josie found herself falling backward and bumped her head against the wall. She soon found herself
back in his embrace again.

Dexter moved his lips from her mouth and kissed her body, gradually exposing more of her

bare skin.

He left no part of her untouched.

Her skin was so smooth that he could not stop touching her. He could feel the warmth of the blood in
her veins and her gentle pulse.

Josie was drowning in desire from his touch. However, she suddenly resisted as Dexter pushed her
onto the bed. “Scoundrel!”

The sudden scolding prompted Dexter to pause what he was doing. His eyes gleamed mischievously
as he smiled. “Scoundrel?”

At the same time, he trapped her securely in his embrace. He recovered from the haze of lust instantly
and calmly looked at her.

His feigning ignorance rendered her speechless. She scolded, “What are you if not a scoundrel?”

Dexter stared at her.

“People at the auction would never expect that the man bidding against me is now making

out with me.”

Dexter smiled. “That’s quite romantic.”

Josie was fuming, but she could not move from his embrace. She said furiously, “Instead of getting
involved with me, you should send that bracelet to the woman you intended it for.”

Dexter looked down at her and suddenly took out a small jewelry box from nowhere. In it was the
bracelet Josie tried bidding for, glittering beautifully under the light.

He said slowly, “Who should I give it to?”

Josie was stunned.

Then, he ordered, “Give me your hand.”

Josie was rendered speechless and did not know how to react.

However, Dexter did not wait for her but grabbed her hand and removed the bracelet from the box. He
gently helped her wear it around her wrist.

His gentle gestures made Josie suspect that he had a dissociative identity disorder. Otherwise, it did
not make sense why he was violent one moment and tender in another.

It’s… for me?

“This is for me?”

Josie could not believe it.

His actions left her confused. “Why did you compete with me for it just now?”

They could have bought the bracelet at one million, but their competing bid made it three million.
Josie’s heart clenched at the two million lost.

However, she could not bear to be angry with Dexter since he gave her the bracelet. She was stumped
for some time before saying, “It’s too expensive.”

Dexter did not mind at all. “I have money.”

Josie had always dreamed of saying such words as casually as he did one day.

However, hearing him say those words angered her even more.

Dexter leaned close, giving her no reason to refuse him.

His gesture indicated he yielded to her. Thus, Josie knew it was better to go along with him.

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But for some reason, what happened nogle hurdle in her heart. She kept feeling dretracted and isecure

Dexter acutely noticed her inattentiveness and looked at her sternly. He tightened his grip and warned.
Joe, you should focus

Jou frowned and instinctively chang tightly to him. She felt his warmth and focused

clear her mind. It was the only way she

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She closed her eyes Being with him always left her drowning with no way of coming back

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