That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 429


In other words, he was asking why she resorted to such an illegal method.

Dexter had always shown a hint of compassion toward her. However, his words now indicated his

Summer panicked. She wanted to say that she was not usually like that, but her courage faltered upon
seeing Dexter’s expression. She said timidly, T’m sorry. I understand what I did is wrong, but I did it
because I was afraid you would be furious about the mistake in the analysis… I must have lost my
mind to think to attempt that. Dex, I will accept any punishment from you.”

She had no choice but to submit to Dexter.

Summer was afraid of Dexter. There was no doubt about it. Her fear of him began many years ago.
She had always been fascinated by him but felt insignificant before him. Even though she tried to fight
against it, she could not help but be keenly aware of her lowliness whenever they met.

Summer was usually a proud person. Thus, Dexter could not stand to see her pitiful expression.

“You can walk yourself out.”

His tone was annoyed, as if he could not stand seeing her a second longer.

Summer almost burst into tears.

She struggled with every step and could keenly sense disdain as Dexter watched her.

Dexter suddenly called out after her. ‘Summer, I won’t take any action against you because you’re an

Those words hurt more than anything he had said before.

Summer was stunned to her spot and turned around with eyes full of tears.

Dexter was slightly taken aback

“Dexter, must you be so cruel? Have you never considered me? All you care about is Josie!” Dexter’s
expression darkened with fury upon hearing Josie’s name. “Summer!”

However, Summer turned a deaf ear to his warning and poured out her feelings. “Has Josie been with
you as long as I have? Is my companionship not enough? I’ve been so good to you.

When I was little, you made me tea and taught me to play chess. There were times when you cared
about me. Didn’t you feel anything when I called out your name?”

Summer was a young woman in her early twenties. She looked pitiful when she cried.

She came to Dexter, but her appearance felt comical due to her attire. “Have you never thought about
me? Have you never considered being with me?”

One of the things Dexter hated the most was a woman complaining to him about things he never cared
about. Most people would be doomed if they dared to say such things to him.

His eyes flashed. He wanted to speak but was suddenly stumped by the sight of Summer crying
pitifully. She reminded him so much of a woman constantly on his mind.

Summer misunderstood his pause, thinking her words moved him. She tried to hold his hand but found
his fingers cold.

Dexter shoved her hand away the instant she touched him. He explained, “You misunderstood my

His expression was indifferent as he continued, “I’ve said it before. I’ve never done anything out of
bounds with you. You are like a sister to me. It was my fault that someone sought to harm me through
you. That’s why I’m lenient with you. It’s due to guilt.”

He had no choice but to explain at this point. His explanation was clear yet heartless. Dexter felt he had
tolerated her behavior enough.

Summer looked at him and nodded. She wiped the tears on her face with her hands and quickly
adjusted her emotions. Soon, she returned to her usual mature and understanding self. “I apologize,
Dex. I lost control of my emotions.”

Dexter looked down at her.

Was he heartless toward her? If he were, he would never have traveled through a downpour and
returned to the company to accept her interview. Moreover, he would not have tolerated her and let her
off after what she did.

However, that was the extent of his care for her.

It was all he could do for her.

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