That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 432

Special to Him

Josie listened and understood what Eileen was getting at. She pondered and replied, “That one billion
debt shouldn’t be an issue. Mr. Olsen has injected capital into the company, so Wyatt should be able to
pay it.”

“I’m not talking about the debt.”

Eileen was a celebrity. Thus, it was humiliating when everyone in Wavery knew Arnold had canceled
their engagement.

However, that was Arnold’s doing, and Josie had no desire to bear the blame for him. “I have nothing to
do with it. You shouldn’t take out your anger

on me.”

Eileen looked at her side profile and said, “Arnold offended Laxir Corporation, for your sake. He even
mortgaged his shares in exchange for funds to get through the crisis. Ms. Warren, you are special to

Josie frowned and finally looked at Eileen. “He mortgaged his shares?”

Eileen did not respond. Her eyes were filled with hatred and indignance.

The auctioneer brought down the hammer and began to accept bids for the pendulum clock. The crowd
whispered in anticipation and focused on the stage.

The starting bid was eleven million.

Many people bid for it.

“Thirteen million.”

“Sixteen million.”

“Twenty million.”

People bid fervently as if the large sum meant nothing to them.

Josie resisted raising her auction paddle and glanced at Mark. He seemed to have no intention of
bidding. On the other hand, Xanthe made a bid.

“Twenty-five million.”

Although the antique pendulum clock seemed valuable, it did not make sense for them to all fight for it.
The fervent bidding left Josie confused. Could Xanthe be bidding on it due to her feelings for her late

Dexter had given Josie firm instructions. She must win the bid no matter how much it took.

When the bid reached fifty million, Josie finally raised her auction paddle. “Sixty million.”

Many people glanced in her direction. At the same time, Xanthe finally noticed her and narrowed her
eyes, looking at her curiously.

Mark smiled and indicated to his secretary to raise the auction paddle. “Sixty million.”

Josie’s heart sank. She feared the bidding price would go off the roof.

“Seventy-three million.”

“Seventy-six million.”

Xanthe suddenly stopped bidding for some reason. She watched the bidding price rise as the bidders
fought over the item.

People kept bidding for the clock, gradually raising the bidding price. During this period, Mark spoke to
his secretary. Soon, the secretary approached Josie and said respectfully, “Ms. Warren, Mr. Olsen
wants this pendulum clock”

Josie did not know whether Dexter’s financial capabilities were comparable to Mark’s. However, Josie
knew he was willing to risk offending important people when he instructed Josie to win the bid at all

Josie replied apologetically, “This pendulum clock belonged to Mr. Russell’s father during his life, so it
matters a lot to him. I hope Mr. Olsen can be kind enough to let Mr. Russell have it.” The secretary
returned to transmit the message to Mark. Mark looked at Josie meaningfully.

Josie did not receive any response from him. She continued to bid for the clock. By now, the price had
reached ninety million.”

She messaged Dexter. ‘It’s now ninety million.

As she waited for his reply, Mark suddenly appeared and asked Eileen courteously, “Eileen, will you be
willing to give your seat to me?”

Since Mark personally made the request, Eileen had no way to refuse. She stood up and said
apologetically, “Of course, Mr. Olsen.”

“Thank you. Tell your father that I say hi.”

Eileen nodded and turned to Josie. “Let’s have a meal after the auction ends.”

Josie was not interested, but she could not refuse with Mark around. Thus, she nodded.


After Eileen left, Mark crossed his legs and seemed like a perfect gentleman. His posture was still
elegant despite his old age. One could not help but respect him

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