That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 434


Josie sat in the front passenger seat and noticed Eileen was silent as she drove. She considered and
said, “I believe I owe you an apology over some matters. Your engagement with Mr. Carter started
because of me. It’s also partially my fault that it ended. I’m sorry.”

Eileen had a gentle and delicate appearance, but she was intimidating when angry.

“It’s bad enough that I lost Arnold to Summer. I don’t understand why I lost to you.” Eileen stepped on
the accelerator and looked at Josie. “I’ve investigated you. You came from an ordinary background and
looked unremarkable. Moreover, you’re married. I don’t understand why Arnold loves you!”

Josie frowned upon hearing her. “Ms. Shaw, you misunderstood. I’m not the one Arnold loves.”

Eileen did not respond.

The car traveled a long distance and left downtown. Josie began to worry. “Ms. Shaw, where are you
bringing me?”

“Why so nervous? I wasn’t as nervous as you when I was the laughingstock of the city.”


“We’re only getting something to eat Eileen smiled and stopped the car next to a villa. It seemed to be
the only building around. “Laxir Corporation suffered a severe loss, and we are looking for investors to
tide us over. As the culprit, you naturally must help my father.”

Josie gripped the seatbelt fearfully.

Eileen opened the door and continued, “Weren’t you sorry about what happened? You should show
your remorse through actions. Is that so difficult?”

Josie looked at the brightly lit villa. It did not look like it could be a restaurant. “I can talk to Dexter and
ask him to help Laxir Corporation. Please send me home now.”

Eileen’s expression darkened. “I’m the only one here. Are you scared that I might kill you? Why would
I? You’re not worth that much trouble.”

Josie bit her lip and hesitated before exiting the car. She checked her phone as she followed Eileen,
but Dexter still had not replied to her message.

She entered the villa and was instantly pinned to the floor. At the same time, numerous bodyguards
surrounded her. She screamed, “What are you doing?”

The bodyguards were strong and restrained her easily. Josie panicked and looked up to find a
potbellied man descending the stairs leisurely. The man seemed to be their leader. He laughed and
said, “You must be Ms. Warren. Nice to meet you. I’m Mr. Harris.”

Josie widened her eyes in terror. “What are you…”

Eileen had suddenly disappeared.

The man approached Josie and reeked of cigarettes. He touched her face and was delighted to find
her young and pretty. He loved how soft her skin felt under his fingers and would not stop touching her.

“You’re quite famous in Wavery recently. I heard powerful men backed you. You had Arnold from Carter
Group and Dexter from Russell Group at your beck and call. I’ve always wondered how you managed
to keep them under your thumb. But seeing you today, I know it’s not due to your looks. You’re a little
lacking in that department.”

“Since my look is lacking, you should let me go!” Josie could tell he was up to no good.

That won’t do. I want a good taste of the woman that Dexter and Arnold fought over for.” The man
smiled sinisterly.

Josie trembled with fear and felt she was stupid to have followed Eileen. She shouted, “Get off mel”

“Dexter must be in Wavery. I’m curious to see if he would come here to save you. It gives me enough
time to see how good you are in bed. That must be why he fell so hard for you!”

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