That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 426

Work Mistake

She offered the secretary a small bag. “I noticed Dex hasn’t eaten anything for so long. Can you help
me to pass this on to him? If he asks you to throw it away, please help me to inform him that he should
eat his meals.”

The secretary wanted to refuse, but the woman interrupted him, “By the way, my family name is Olsen.”

He was stunned upon hearing the name.

The secretary accepted the bag in confusion. Summer thanked him and left.

However, he was still apprehensive as he brought the bag of food to Dexter. He explained what
happened. Dexter barely reacted and instructed, “Throw it away.

The secretary was stumped and thought Summer predicted Dexter’s reaction accurately.

Before throwing it away, the secretary opened it and found it contained some gourmet food that Dexter
usually liked. There was also a note.

Dexter did not even bother to read it…

The secretary hardened his heart and threw everything into the trashcan.

Summer witnessed the scene from afar and turned away. Her heart hurt so much that it was hard to

The meeting continued for the whole day. In other words, Summer was in the sa Dexter for a day.


Although they were not together, it was enough for Summer.

The secretary frequently had to interact with Summer over work matters. He felt ne every time and
worried she would get him to pass on words to Dexter and anger him. Thankfully, there was none of

Summer seemed to have come to her senses and behaved professionally with the secretary. She did
not bring up any personal matters.

She was responsible for covering the whole meeting. It was a task assigned by her employer. She
would generally keep a low profile and not accept such significant tasks. However, the meeting
involved Dexter, so she happily took it.

Her colleagues were dissatisfied with her after what had happened previously. Their dissatisfaction
turned to anger, causing her much trouble.

Work Mistake

However, such was human nature, and it was the same everywhere. Furthermore, she deliberately hid
her identity, so they had no respect for her.

The sky was dyed red in the evening. Summer sat in the corner of the hotel’s buffet-style restaurant,
sitting next to a window. She typed something on her laptop and had a black coffee on the table.

The light from the setting sun shone on her focused expression, making her appear gentle and lovely,

Suddenly, two of her colleagues who attended the meeting sat before her and softly called her name,

Summer looked up from her laptop.

These colleagues had more experience than Summer. They were unhappy that Summer was assigned
to lead the coverage of the meeting.

Summer was suspicious of their sudden gentleness with her and narrowed her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

They appeared troubled and hesitated for a while before saying. “We sent an article for future
publication to Russell Group for verification. However, we just realized we had made a severe mistake
in it. Can… Can you help us explain or find a way to get the article back for correction?”

Hearing them, Summer figured out why they were suddenly nice to her. It was to trouble her over their

She sneered, “How could you be so careless with such an important article? It will affect our company’s

She understood Dexter’s temper. He would not tolerate mistakes, especially something minor that
could have been easily avoided. Their company might lose the right to report on this meeting if he
discovered the error. It would also affect their company’s future. The damage would be extensive.

The two women before her panicked and tried to control their anger. “It was an accident. We just
checked and discovered it had been sent to Russell Group. You seem to know Mr. Russell’s secretary.
Can you help us out?”

One of them added a hint of threat. “Furthermore, we are on the same boat. You will be dragged in,
too, if something happens.

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