That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 441

Let’s Meet Over Tea

Josie picked up the hair tie and saw a strand of long hair. It was blonde and curly, so Josie was certain
it didn’t belong to her.

This must have been left behind by someone who entered our hotel room. Besides, this person is likely
to be close to Dexter. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left her hair tie behind.

Julie asked. “Is there anything wrong?”

Josie put down the hair tie and shook her head with a smile. “Nothing

She slowed down her steps and went downstairs to see Dexter bending his body to arrange the plants.

Josie sank into deep thoughts. Ever since he rescued her that night, she had not heard the news of
Eileen being implicated. However, the incident caused a sensation in the city. Dexter seemed to no
longer avoid the topic of his wife and even appeared to have the intention to reveal Josie’s identity.

What about Summer? Is he not concerned about her anymore?

When Eileen’s father discovered that Eileen was involved in Norman’s incident, he threw a fit.
Nonetheless, they were surprised that the consequences did not involve them and were relieved after
the storm subsided.

That night, after learning that Josie had been rescued, Eileen immediately went to her father and
begged him on her knees for protection. She knew she would be doomed since Josie

didn’t die.

However, there were no actions taken against her even after a few days, so Eileen was finally

at ease.

One day, she received Arnold’s invitation to meet on the top floor of the Carter Group. Arnold uttered
gently and charmingly, “Eileen, I owe you an apology for the previous incident. Let’s meet over tea, so I
can apologize to you personally, alright?”

Eileen’s heart pounded heavily as the grievances she had been suppressing the past few days
surfaced. “Arnold, do you… mean it?”

“Of course.”

The Carter Group’s office was equipped with top-notch facilities. A professional secretary was assigned
to show Eileen the way. “This way, please, Ms. Shaw.”

There was a spacious lounge inside Arnold’s office. Eileen cautiously entered the lounge to

Let’s Meet Over Tea

see Arnold, who wore gold-rimmed glasses, sitting in front of his desk while brewing rea

Eileen suddenly felt like crying. The gentleman seated there was someone she had admired for years.

Hearing the movement. Arnold smiled and took off his glasses. “Come here.”

Eileen snapped out of her daze and walked over nervously. She bit her lips and hummed. “Hey,

“These tea leaves are imported from The Azores. Although they’re not from the most precious tea
plants, they’re rarely seen in recent years.”

Eileen received the cup and took a sip. It was slightly astringent but tasty for some reason.

After finishing the cup, Eileen wore a pitiful look with her eyes turning red-rimmed. “Because of you,
there have been rumors flying around these days!” She squealed.

Arnold filled her cup and held her hand. On her wrist was the Cartier bracelet he had given her, and it
covered her faint scar.

Arnold gently caressed the bracelet while Eileen trembled slightly.

He looked at Eileen with a half-smile. “You somewhat hate me, don’t you?”

Those who knew Arnold well knew that he was naturally cheerful and was rarely infuriated. Even if he
became angry, it wouldn’t show on the surface. Such emotion was like a slow- acting poison that
seeped in gradually. By the time the other party realized it, it would be too late as he would have
already put the person to death.

The business circle was full of bizarre happenings, and it was inevitable to encounter a few who
challenged Arnold’s authority. As such, he would punish those few heavily as a warning to the others.

In fact, Arnold had personally taken action previously, and only Andy was aware of it.

He approached that person’s wife and child. Due to his outstanding appearance and shrewdness, no
woman could resist him if he intentionally pleased her.

It didn’t take long before he took down that person’s wife, who betrayed her husband lightning-fast.

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