That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 424

Checking His Phone

There was nothing to see in his call records. Dexter never named his contact numbers. He had good
memories and remembered every phone number he saw. He even remembered whose those numbers

Dexter also had WhatsApp, like any modern person. However, he only contacted a few people with it.
He mostly used it to respond to his grandfather and Josie’s messages.

Thus, Dexter was old-fashioned in this sense.

Yet, that was what made him endearing.

Josie put down her spoon and checked his WhatsApp. Many people sent him messages, but he did not
respond, except for his grandfather. Henry had urged him to return home more often to spend time with

‘Sure. That was all he replied.

It sounded perfunctory.

Josie glanced through his chat with Henry before opening his conversation with her. He did not name
her in his contact. Josie considered briefly and wrote, “Baby Jo.

But she found it cringy and shuddered as soon as she finished naming it.

Once she had enough of looking through his phone, she gathered her things and entered the
bathroom. The clothes she brought were all to be worn for going out. She had only brought her
sleeping gown to be worn indoors, but Dexter had wrinkled it badly. Thus, she had a mischievous idea
of wearing Dexter’s shirt. It extended to the bottom of her thigh and was long enough to cover her.

Dexter had low blood sugar. It was usually difficult for him to wake up once he fell asleep.

Josie sat by the bed and touched his face. He was half awake and buried his face into the white
pillows. It made him seem childish and unlike his usual stern and professional self.

Josie looked at him for a long time and loved how harmless he appeared at this moment. After some
hesitation, she poked Dexter’s cheek and spoke to him like a child. “Wake up. The sky is getting dark.”

Dexter held her hand but did not open his eyes. His voice was hoarse. “I’m sleepy.”

“It’s time to get up now, even if you’re sleepy.”

He did not move.

Checking His Phone

Josie pouted and teased him. “You can continue to sleep then. I’m leaving.”

However, he remained impassive for some time before slowly opening his eyes. Then, he looked at her
and said slowly, “Why are you leaving again?”

Josie sensed a hint of sadness and helplessness in his tone and was confused. It seemed he feared
she would leave him.

Josie replied, “I must go home to care for Pop. I can’t stay for too long.”

They had been here for the whole day. She did not mention him until now.

Dexter was a little moody from waking up. He tightened his grip on her hand and said, “Stay here. The
servants can take care of him.”

Josie almost laughed. “Dexter, are you reluctant to let me go?”

Dexter disliked her leaving so soon when she had just returned to him. It made him frustrated.

He sat up and pulled Josie into the bed with him before she could react. She suddenly found herself
sprawled on his body.

Dexter secured his arms around her waist. “I said stay.

Josie let him embrace her and chucked. “I was lying. Pop is independent. He doesn’t need me
watching him all day.”

“You lied.” Dexter narrowed his eyes and noticed her wearing his shirt. The shirt moved up her thighs
from their struggle, revealing a sight that sent his blood surging throughout his body.

He lost all desire to sleep and flipped them around, trapping her beneath him. He touched her ticklish
spot, prompting her to laugh non-stop.

“Haha, Dexter. Stop… Stop it….”

Dexter let go and watched her sternly.

Josie looked at the gradually fading smile and apologized coquettishly, “I’m sorry.”

Unfortunately, it was too late. Dexter leaned toward her, indicating no chance of escape.

He whispered, “You little imp.”

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