That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 446

Giving Her a Tattoo

Dexter wouldn’t answer her. He brought the car to a stop at a rather vibrant area away from the city that
bustled with noise.

Despite the late hour, the place was buzzing with crowds of people.

Josie stood still, completely bewildered.

She had stayed in Wavery for two years, but she never knew they had a night market here.

What was even more startling was that Dexter would take her there.

“Get down,” he uttered coldly.

Josie wasn’t sure what he wanted to do. Josie’s frustrations were building up inside her like a volcano,
ready to erupt at any moment.

Dexter was dressed in a crisp white shirt and black slacks; his casual and easygoing look was a stark
contrast to the poster-filled walls and shouting of vendors.

Josie followed behind him without knowing their destination.

When they walked toward the end of the alley, they reached a small, rundown parlor. An old vintage
bicycle was lying by the side.

Inside, the shop was lit with a warm yellow glint.

The people inside were either lying down fully or sitting on a chair, their faces contorted in pain as they
cried out in agony. The tattoo artist stood in front of them, their needle moving quickly and efficiently as
he drew on their skin.

It was a tattoo parlor.

Dexter walked in casually and was greeted by an old man who was hunched over. The man smiled
politely at him. “Everything is ready.” he said.

Josie didn’t understand why Dexter had brought her here. Their screams were like nails on a
chalkboard, making Josie’s skin crawl.

She stood at the entrance, afraid to enter the tattoo parlor.

Dexter wouldn’t make her get a tattoo here, would he?

Dexter turned around and glanced toward Josie. “Get in here,” he demanded.

Giving Her a Tattoo

Josie shook her head, her legs rooted to the ground.

With an icy glare, he commanded her to go in.

Josie could hear her pulse throbbing in her ears. “I don’t want to go in,” she answered timidly.

Dexter marched to her and carried her up by her waist.

“Let go of me! I don’t want to get a tattoo!” Josie exclaimed in shock and fear.

Dexter stayed silent and tossed her on the bed. His eyes were like two empty sockets, devoid of all
emotions. Without delay, he wrapped her arms and legs with the ribbons attached and closed the
curtains around her.

Josie’s mouth dropped open in shock, and her heart pounded against her ribs. Dexter looked like an
executioner, ready to carry out a death sentence on her.

“Don’t come near me!”

Josie’s voice twinged with desperation as she feared his merciless acts.

Someone wrapped an apron around Dexter’s waist and placed the tattoo supplies beside him.

Josie struggled to free herself, but she was pinned to the bed.

“Dexter, I admit I was wrong to doubt you,” she whimpered. “Please let me go. I’m afraid of needles.

What if Liana had a tattoo, and Dexter wanted to give her a similar one because she angered him?

Dexter bit his lower lip, his eyes narrowing as he saw the fear in Josie’s eyes. “Calm down. This won’t
hurt as much as you think,” he remarked.

Josie was terrified of the pain.

Nonetheless, Dexter was unmoved by Josie’s reaction. He picked up the tattoo needle and unbuttoned
her blouse, revealing her bare skin.

Josie closed her eyes tightly, her body shaking with fear. She could feel the needle getting closer to her
skin, and she knew that there was nothing she could do to stop it.

The needle pierced her skin, and Josie gasped in pain. She slowly opened her eyes.

Dexter’s face was lowered, his eyes fixed on Josie’s waist. He held the tattoo gun, carefully drawing
lines on her waist. Ouch! It hurts really bad. However… the place he was tattooing was over her scar.

It was where she suffered a slit from the knife attack. Although Dr. Monte had given her an ointment to
help fade the scar, it stood out starkly against her pale skin.

Josie had never talked about the scar before. She was self-conscious about it, and she didn’t want
anyone to see it. After all, anyone would be devastated to have such a big scar on their body. It also
meant she couldn’t wear any tops that exposed her waist.

She finally stayed still, and Dexter clearly knew what thoughts were going through her head. “A girl
shouldn’t have a scar this big, Dexter muttered.

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