That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 439

I’m Here for You

Anderson received a call from an old friend when he completed surgery that day. “Hey Anderson,
what’s the best remedy for period cramps?” Dexter asked seriously while Anderson was caught off
guard by the question. “Huh? Can you repeat?”

Cold and reserved, Dexter repeated himself patiently.

After understanding Dexter’s intention, Anderson teased him, “You should know that I’m a surgeon, not
a gynecologist.”

“Both are doctors.”

Anderson burst out in laughter. “It seems like you’re pretty concerned. Brown sugar drinks are not
effective. Mix half a bottle of wine with water and soak her feet in it for half an hour.

Dexter took Anderson’s words as truth while Josie was rendered speechless. As a woman, she had
never heard of this method before! However, she didn’t dare to refuse and obediently soaked her feet
for half an hour while covering her abdomen in pain.

Meanwhile, Dexter was working on his laptop on the balcony. When he finished his work, he checked
the time on his watch and walked into the room. “Are you feeling better?”

Not at all.

Josie got up and poured the water away. Then, she opened the window for air circulation as the room
was filled with the scent of alcohol.

“Which alcohol did you use?”

Josie was not a wine connoisseur, but she could tell from the scent that it was expensive. She couldn’t
believe Dexter used it for her foot bath.

Dexter did not answer but looked at the spot Josie sat.

Josie followed his gaze and gasped at the sight. She quickly ran up to him to block his sight. “I-I didn’t
mean it!”

There was a patch of redness on the bed. Josie blushed to the root of her hair and was exasperated
when she saw Dexter’s smirk as if he was mocking her.

“Don’t look at it!” Josie was so embarrassed that she instinctively covered Dexter’s eyes with her hand.
“Stop it!”

The man smiled and paused briefly before grasping her wrist and pushing her to the bed. He kissed her
fervently, disregarding her abashment.

Toward the end, Josie curled up in Dexter’s arm, her eyes filled with tears as she was reminded of the
horrible incident she experienced today.

Dexter whispered in her ear with a deep, hoarse voice, “Everything is okay now. It has passed. I’m here
for you, so don’t cry”

Josie’s heart skipped a beat. Her tears fell into her hair and disappeared. The scent of alcohol lingering
in the air was intoxicating

After the auction ended, Josie and Dexter returned to Mason Garden. Soon, news about Norman’s
downfall spread

Josie had a premonition that Norman would end up in deep water. Recently, Dexter’s secretary had
been poached by various important figures and was promised lucrative remuneration because he was
an extremely effective and reliable assistant. Anyone would yearn to have a loyal and talented
assistant like him.

It only took one night for the news about Norman to release. Josie reckoned that if everything went
smoothly, the news about him being disqualified as a candidate would appear in the evening news.

Right after Josie was rescued, evidence of his corruption was promptly submitted that same night
without mercy. It was a crucial period, and Norman was caught with solid evidence. So, he couldn’t
escape from spending the rest of his life in prison.

Everyone was aware of these gray areas, but no one would expose one’s opponent’s evildoings to
make an enemy. However, given how swiftly this exposure was done, others could imagine there must
be an irreconcilable enmity involved. It became obvious that Norman had offended someone.

This matter had caused a huge sensation in the city and couldn’t be concealed. The following day,
many became aware that Dexter was behind it

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