That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 443

Starting a Studio Together

Andy was surprised. “Mr. Carter, with all due respect, with Josie’s identity now, she’s useful, but not in

Arnold poured out a glass of wine. His expression made it difficult to see if he agreed. “I know what to

“Several of our projects are under Mark Olsen. He has plans to hinder Russell Group’s development.
Besides, he’s showing us favor now. Summer is our best option at this moment.” Andy continued.

“I’m still unsure what’s on that old man’s mind. Let’s wait and see. Arnold paused. “Make an
appointment with Summer for me tonight. We’ll meet at Sky Palace.”

“Yes, sir.”

Andy turned to leave, but Arnold called out. “Did Josie go for the interview?”

“No, sir. She requested an extension when the incident with Eileen Shaw happened.”

“Keep a close eye on them.”

Josie did not go to the design company that had extended an olive branch to her. The first reason was
that her body forced her to put it on hold. The second reason was that Laura suddenly came to her and
invited her to start a studio together.

“I took some time recently to observe your design styles. Although they are completely different from
mine, the aura it brings fascinates me.” Laura was still acting like a diva, although she was the one
making a request.

Josie flipped through the document Laura brought. She was very interested but had some concerns.
“You’re married into the Olsen family. Will they allow you to appear in the limelight?”

Laura’s expression turned unnatural when the family was mentioned. “They hardly care about Zach,
much less me. I’ve been saving up this money for a long time. I didn’t use any of it to have my own
business one day. This could be greater if my family didn’t go bankrupt.”

Josie believed that Laura had skills. “Why did you choose me?”

“You’re affordable and useful.”

Josie did not know if she should laugh or cry at her blunt words. “What I mean is that I’m in a tight spot.
Are you not worried about the backlash you’ll get if you work with me?”

Laura averted her eyes. She knew that Josie was referring to Summer. “She’s been unhappy with me
many times before. This does not make any difference.”

Josie contemplated. She was interested. Laura would oversee the funds, and she would provide the
skills. Laura even promised to give her half the dividends of the studio. They would both be owners. It
was far better than being a corporate slave.

“There’s not many that I can trust nowadays. I’ve never imagined you would be one of them.” As Laura
said those words, her voice was cold.

“It’s my honor.” Josie put the documents back in order. “Give me two days to think about it. I’ll give you
my answer as soon as possible.”

Toward the end of their discussion, Laura sipped the cup of coffee the servants had prepared. She
observed the house. The well-kept space felt like home.

“Dexter treats you well,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Only the one who’s involved would know the truth.”

Josie stared at the scar on her wrist. She hesitated but did not ask the question.

“It looks like someone’s dream is going to shatter.” Laura smiled and got up to leave. But when she
raised her head, a man was coming toward them.

The tall, slim body was in a white shirt. The man was rolling up his sleeve as he headed toward them
against the light. “Laura.”

“I see you’re here, Mr. Russell.”

He hummed in reply but turned to Josie with a questioning look.

“Laura’s here to discuss work. I’m sending her out.” Josie began heading out, but the man held her arm
as she walked by.

“Wait. There’s some soot on your forehead.” Pulling her nearer naturally, he cupped her head and
gently cleaned the spot. The tender look in his eyes was not something one could pretend to have.

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