That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 442

Three Strikes Law

When the person discovered it. Arnold was playing with his child at the park. Wearing a pair of glasses,
he smiled maliciously like a snake. “You have one day to write a public apology and announce your
bankruptcy. Then, leave Wavery”

The man was scared out of his wits when he saw Arnold casually holding the child’s neck without
exerting force. The child thought he was playing with him, but of course, the man could tell Arnold was
threatening him.

“Mr. Carter, if I reveal this matter to the public, my family will be ruined!”

Arnold replied mercilessly, “If you rather see your family die in Wavery. I won’t force you.”

That man nearly fell on his knees. Thereafter, he left Wavery and stayed away from the business circle.
He started anew in a foreign place and could only look back at his previous achievements in remorse.

It was a gray area. Arnold had his dark ways but rarely made a move. Once he was irritated, the

consequence could be dire.

What Eileen did had undoubtedly provoked Dexter, but little did she know it Arnold too.


Arnold didn’t bring up the past matters previously because he felt indebted to Eileen and thought she
had a clear conscience. However, what she did to Josie crossed Arnold’s bottom line.

In California’s three-strikes law, a convict who repeatedly committed serious felonies would receive a
life sentence without parole. The same principle could be applied to other matters in life. Obviously,

Eileen had received more than three strikes from Arnold.

Suddenly, Eileen had a dizzy spell and felt uncomfortable, even more so than when she drank alcohol.

She didn’t allow herself to lose consciousness. Instead, she boldly fell into Arnold’s arms and grasped
his collar. “Arnold, Arnold… Josie Warren is a bad woman. Don’t fall in love with her, okay?”

Arnold’s smile faded as he caressed Eileen’s delicate face without expression. “Mm-hmm. Go


Eileen saw a glimmer of hope and blurted a sharp remark. “She’s a b*tch!”

“Aah!” Suddenly, a piercing scream emerged from the lounge, sending a chill down the spine of those

Three Strikes Law

Awakened by the pain, Eileen finally regained her senses as she slumped to the ground, looking
incredulously at the enraged man.

Later, Andy came in to take care of the rest. The lounge was in disarray. Arnold restored his lofty
manner and threw away the napkin he used to wipe his hand. “Call the police. Ms. Shaw is using
drugs. He ordered apathetically.

Andy was shocked when he saw Eileen, who collapsed on the ground miserably. She was trembling
and muttering, “No… No… I didn’t! Arnold, you can’t do this to me!”

Arnold left resolutely as if the matter was unrelated to him.

Eileen was in immense pain and let out a desperate cry, “Aah-”

Soon, everything was cleaned up.

Arnold was in his private lounge, standing in front of a row of wine bottles while being lost in thought.
He could see the entire scenery of Wavery from the lounge.

Andy walked in and reported, “Everything has been taken care of. Ms. Shaw will soon receive the
punishment she deserves.”

Arnold hummed in response and pulled out a napkin to wipe his hand. “Go inform Dexter.”

“Yes, sir.” Dexter hesitated briefly and asked, “Actually, we didn’t have to do Dexter this favor. He can’t
take action against Laxir Corporation and Eileen due to his promise, but we didn’t have to help him

“He knew I would definitely help him,” Arnold spoke in a bitter yet aloof manner. “He’s well aware of
Eileen’s feelings toward me and… my feelings toward Josie, so he knew I would do it.”

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