That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 440

It’s Miss Warren

Recently, Arnold was occupied with handling the Carter Group’s is Upon returning to

Actly to visit his old man Harry was as bony as a and free of the prison guards the moment he saw him

sepped Arnold

Add’d but wood fr

You rascal how dare you touch the company’s original shares

And licked the corner of his month and tasted the tang of blood

To let with no choice

He rarely showed a lack of confidence, but his silence softened Harry’s heart. Sighing, he held Arnold’s
face with his cuffed hands and wore a loving expression

You’re in the best years of your life now. You should start dating someone and get married Since things
didn’t work out with Lexir Corporation, think of some other ways. It’s a fact that I’ve low to the one, but
that shouldn’t happen to you again”

The implication behind his words was deep

Andy waited in the car outside of the prison. When he saw Arnold walk out, he was stunner Mr. Carter,

Arnold’s expression was extremely domy He pulled a napkin and wiped off the blood a the corner of his
lips “What happened!

Andy handed over the latest newspaper Norman Harris has been taken down

Arnold was startled. He took over de newspaper and read the consent but persuaded “What’s the

He has always been spporting Lair Corporation Recently, Laxir Corporation got to trouble, so he could
avoid being implicated it was said that his evil deeds were exposed at this crucial te

“It can’t be a incidence Arnold folded die newspaper and placed it aside. There were no signs at all
before I left Wavery How fast they a dig up his past crimes in a few days

Who’s the mastermind

Andy nodded and cautiously glanced at Arld’s salen face. He hesitated briefly before

wering. “There are rumors that he messed with Me Russell

Mc Russell w

Arnold turned to look at Andy. His face darkened even more

more as he couldn’t believe Andy’s

It’s Miss Warren

reply. “Was it Summer?”

Andy lowered his head and mumbled, “I heard it was Ms. Warren.”

At once, Arnold was almost pushed over the edge. His temples throbbed as he asked in a gruff voice.
“Did he manage to have his way?”

“No. It was said that Mr. Russell arrived in time and beat Mr. Harris into a pulp. Not long after that, Mr.
Harris was arrested.”

Arnold leaned against the car seat and closed his dry eyes. Andy couldn’t read his expression, but he
seemed to be relieved.

Andy bit the bullet and continued, “This incident is somewhat related to you too. I discovered that it was
Ms. Shaw who brought Ms. Warren away.

As soon as Andy said that, Arnold’s private phone rang. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the
incoming caller ID. Seconds later, he answered the call. “Hi, Dexter.”

The weather was pleasant today. It was rare for Dexter to have free time. He was sitting in the yard,
gracefully watering the plants.

“I heard


returned to Wavery. I hope all is smooth at your end. Dexter held the phone with one hand and asked

Meanwhile, Josie had just woken up from a nap. She was in a better state after resting for a few days.
She couldn’t find Dexter after waking up and was told by Julie that Dexter was watering the plants in
the yard.

“It seems like he’s in a good mood today.” Josie smiled. Just as she was about to go downstairs. she
spotted something in Julie’s hand. “Aren’t these my hair ties?”

“Yeah. They became loose, so I’m going to throw them away.”

Originally, Josie didn’t pay much attention to it. However, she happened to spot a strange hair tie mixed
with hers. I don’t think this is mine. Where did you find this?”

“In the luggage which you and Mr. Russell brought back from the hotel.”

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