That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 444

Liana Olsen

Josie felt embarrassed with others watching. “There are people around….”

Dexter smiled. “Laura’s one of us. Why are you embarrassed?”

Laura smiled. “Wow, Mr. Russell. You’re making me jealous. In that case, I should call her my sister-in-

“Then why haven’t you?”

Josie choked when she heard them. She pulled Laura. “I’ll be back soon.”

As they stepped into the front yard of Mason Garden, Laura’s expression turned grim. “Do you know
they arrested Eileen?”

Josie’s smile froze. “I didn’t hear that. When did it happen?”

“Yesterday. They took her in under suspicion of ingesting drugs.”

The weather was bright and sunny. But all Josie felt was the chills on her back. “Did she really?”

Laura stared straight at her. “No one knows if it’s true. But that’s what happened.”

Josie could see the spots they were standing in just moments ago. Dexter’s tall figure bent down as he
cared for a potted plant. The rays of sun shining down on him made it a pleasing


Laura noticed and looked back. She sighed. “You shouldn’t completely trust the words of the men in
this circle. It’s best to leave, but if you can’t, just turn a blind eye. Don’t end up like her.

Josie could not identify her own feelings. It was the truth that Eileen had hurt her. But she did hurt
Eileen before that. It was a never-ending cycle of harming each other.

Laura was already in the driver’s seat and switched the engine on. Josie suddenly remembered
something and stopped the door from closing. She leaned closer. “Laura, do I look very similar to

Laura’s actions became stiff. She pressed her lips into a thin line. “What?”

“When Dexter and I got married, one of the reasons was because I looked like someone. All I know is
that she’s called Leanne. But that’s probably not a secret.” Josie continued slowly, “I’m wondering if this
person is the same one Mark has been missing.”

Laura slowly released her foot that was on the accelerator. She squinted as the sunlight gleamed at

She said slowly, “You didn’t know? Leanne was an Olsen. Her full name was Liana Olsen. She was
Mark’s eldest daughter.”

A sharp humming started in Josie’s ear. Laura’s mouth kept moving, but Josie could not hear anything
else. She could not move her body as though it was paralyzed from being electrocuted.

“Liana disappeared when she was very young. Mark and his wife were devastated. They only had Zach
and Summer a year later. Now that you say it, your eyebrows and eyes look the same. No wonder
Dexter has a soft spot for you.”

Not only Dexter but even Mark was also particularly caring for Josie.

Summer must have known, or she would not have asked me to change into the dress when I met Mark.
I must have looked identical to Liana at that time.

“Josie! Are

you listening?” Laura raised her voice, and Josie was pulled back to reality.

She forced a smile. Thanks for telling me. Now I know.”

Laura hesitated. “Did you meet Mark?”

Jodie continued smiling without a word. She took a few steps back. “You can go now. Drive safe.”

It turned out that Leanne was the Olsen’s missing daughter. It was not surprising to see a valuable gem
being cared for attentively. People have different lives, regardless of how similar they may look.

Josie stood at the same spot and could not help but smile bitterly. It felt like she had stolen another
person’s place in their life.

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