That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 438


“But Eileen is different. I can understand her feelings. It’s me who caused her misfortune, so she
wanted to put me in deep water. It’s the consequence of our doings. We should bear it.” Josie remained
calm. Even in this state, she could objectively analyze the situation, showing that her rationality was still
intact. However, looking at Dexter’s response, she knew he wouldn’t easily let Laxir Corporation or
Eileen off.

Dexter’s face was as cold as ice. He glanced at Josie with murderous intentions in his eyes

“It’s easy for you to say. Do you know how easily Norman can put someone to death? If it weren’t for
me, you would’ve died in the desolate wilderness, where I wouldn’t have known. There are a lot of
ways one can die; some can be brutal. Don’t you fear pain the most? Why aren’t you afraid now?”

Josie was taken aback by the unexpected question. Her body was still trembling and she appeared
stupefied when faced with the angry Dexter.

Dexter’s heart ached for her even more. He pulled her into his arms and said, “Stop worrying about the
others, and please stop making me worry too. If one listened attentively, one could perceive the
apprehension in Dexter’s voice.

If he didn’t ask her to attend the auction, this incident wouldn’t have happened. Dexter was regretful,
thinking Josie was involved in more danger by staying beside him.

Josie had complicated emotions. The current Dexter was different from his usual cold self. It was as if
his coldness had shattered.

Josie soon regained her composure in Dexter’s embrace and calmed down.

“Have you had the medicine I prepared before I left?”

Dexter was stunned. Due to the misunderstanding, he had poured the medicine away inhaled deeply
and uttered. “I guess it has turned cold now. I’ll ask the servant to make again, alright?”

Josie snuggled obediently in Dexter’s arms and purred, Tm having menstrual cramps”

Norman didn’t manage to have his way, mainly because it was Josie’s time of the month. Her period
became her lifesaver.

On the way back, Josie looked at Dexter’s pale face and asked hesitantly, “What will happen to the
Russell Group now that you offended a powerful person like him.”

Only then did she remember that to Dexter, anything that could be settled by money and interest was
not a problem.

Sure enough, Dexter smiled and asked, “Are you worried about me?”

Josie looked away.

“Don’t worry about the aftermath. I’ll handle it. None of us have been to his villa. His downfall tomorrow
is a result of his own greed. Do you understand?”

Dexter blurted the words in an apathetic manner, sending a chill down Josie’s spine.

Her menstrual cramps were so bad that she broke out in cold sweat.

After returning to the hotel, Dexter made a brown sugar drink for her, but it tasted slightly


It was rare for Josie to experience such an intense cramp to the extent that she couldn’t fall asleep.
After taking a shower, Josie decided to rest in the smaller room.

Just as she was about to exit the room, she bumped into Dexter, who was returning from the study
room. “Where are you going?”

Josie lowered her head awkwardly with her cheeks flushed.

Dexter stared at her and thought of something. “Wait here.” He said and walked away.

Minutes later, he returned with a bucket of water. Josie was perplexed while he hummed nonchalantly,
“Sit down.”

A strong smell of alcohol wafted into Josie’s nose. As the door was closed, a warm and ambiguous
atmosphere filled the room.

Dexter squatted down and placed Josie’s feet into the water. “Anderson taught me this method.”

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