That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 447


Josie felt her heart swell at his words, but she couldn’t help but find fault with him. “Are you saying that
I look ugly with this scar?”

Dexter froze, his eyes narrowing as he looked at her. “If you don’t want to suffer more pain, stop saying
nonsense,” he warned, his voice cold and threatening.

Josie had no intention of stopping there. “Liana never had a scar before, right? Why are you going to
such an extent for me?” she asked, her eyes challenging him.

Dexter kept silent, his jaw clenched. He was not going to give her the satisfaction of answering her
question. Josie felt bored talking to herself.

She could feel the needle pricking her skin and bit her lip to keep herself from crying out in pain. She
looked down at the bedsheets and noticed her hands were clenching the fabric tightly.

“Let go,” Dexter said, his voice sharp.

Her fingers were red, almost bruising from holding on too tightly.

“It hurts!” Josie cried out, her voice filled with pain.

Dexter threw a sponge at her. “Hold this,” he demanded.

She did not expect Dexter to show consideration for her situation, and she was surprised by his sudden
act of kindness.

“Why do you know how to tattoo?” she inquired.

“I learned it a few years ago.”

Josie’s fear and frustration began to manifest as she couldn’t see what he was tattooing on her. “I want
a nice tattoo,” she started mumbling, her voice increasingly agitated. “Do you even know how to draw?
Are you good at drawing? Are you sure you can do this?”

Dexter ignored her anxious questioning, his focus unwavering.

Josie’s skin was as pale as porcelain. The blood seeped out as soon as the needle touched her skin,
leaving a satisfactory visual contrast between the deep red blood and bright skin.

Dexter’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed hard. He wanted to torment and make
her tears fall as she moaned in pain.

“I heard that a tattoo had to be something meaningful so that you can remember it for life,”

Josie said. After a pause, she continued. “Dexter, do you want me to remember this scar forever?”

Dexter finally looked at her. Her face was all scrunched up from enduring the pain

After mulling over his thoughts briefly, he said, “I didn’t marry you because of Liana.”

Josie stared at him, unsure of how she should respond.

“I did get the two of you mixed up at the start. It had already been twenty years since I last saw Leanne.
No matter how close we were when we were young, I wouldn’t let that friendship affect my relationship
with you.”

His voice washed over her doubts like a warm wave, banishing them from her mind.

Dexter continued to work on the tattoo.

“I feel indebted to her, but to you, I feel every other emotion there is.”

“Can you please believe me?” his eyes met hers warmly as he pleaded.

Josie’s heart was hammering in her chest as she stared at the face inches away from hers.

His attention was unwavering when he was hard at work. The angles on his face were sharp and
chiseled as if they had been carved from stone. His dark, profound eyes gazed straight into hers as if
he was focusing on his work with laser-like precision.

As he was afraid she would whimper in pain from the piercing of the needle, he tried to be as gentle as
he could.

His face was so close she could see the peach fuzz on his face.

And at that moment, she got carried away.

“Can I believe you?” she asked.

“Definitely,” he replied. His answer was concise, with an air of resoluteness and determination. It was
simple but deeply significant after what they had been through together.

Two hours.

They stayed in the same position for two hours.

“It’s done.”

After it was completed, Dexter organized the tools beside him.

Josie immediately bounced out of bed and looked into the mirror.

He had tattooed green thorns on her waist, covering her scar.

She couldn’t see clearly as her skin was still red, but she knew it would look beautiful after it healed.

Dexter took off the apron and stared at her. When he noticed how her lips had curled into a smile, he
slowly expanded his lips into a wide grin.

“What does this tattoo mean?”

“Mine,” Dexter hugged her from behind, pulling on her blouse as he leaned closer. “You’re mine this
lifetime,” he answered with conviction, clearly insinuating that the thorns were to keep her by his side.

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