That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 425


Dexter stayed with Josie in the hotel for a day. He did not deal with any work matters that day.

They stayed in bed most of the time with the curtains tightly drawn. Josie lay in bed and watched a
movie while Dexter embraced her from the side. He looked at her face occasionally, watching her
wholly focused on the movie. His eyes were filled with tenderness.

Suddenly, Josie’s phone beeped. She could not look away from the movie and refused to move, so she
nudged Dexter. “Can you bring it to me?”

Her phone was on the bedside table. Dexter reached for the phone and unlocked the screen. It was an
email. ‘Greetings and congratulations for passing our second round of interviews. The third round of
interviews will be held at ten o’clock on Monday. Please arrive on time.”

Dexter frowned slightly. Josie sensed something wrong but did not look at him. “What message is it?”

He put the phone back in its place and pinched her chubby cheeks. “You’re searching for a job.”

His tone was emotionless.

Josie stopped eating potato chips and said jokingly, “I still wish to remain in this industry. Mr. Russell,
please don’t ruin my career.”

Dexter relaxed slightly. He looked at the movie but was not paying attention to it. “Which company do
you wish to work in? I can arrange it for you.”

“There’s no need for that. I can do it myself,” Josie replied sincerely. “After all, I got into Russell Group
with my abilities.”

Now that she was Mrs. Russell, it would not do to misuse her authority. It would only incite criticism.

“Look at yourself.” Dexter lowered his voice. His voice stood out amidst the movie narration.

Josie did not respond, so he stood up and left the bedroom. He called someone on the phone, but
Josie could not hear their conversation.

She waited for a while until Dexter returned to the room. He wore a pair of sweatpants and looked
gentle and peaceful. Suddenly, he asked, “Did you accompany Mrs. Langman here?”

“Didn’t you see us together?”

“I need you to do something for me tomorrow.” Dexter pulled out a cigarette from his case and lit it.
“You will need to bid for an item. It doesn’t matter how high the bid goes. All that matters is that you
secure the item.”


Dexter showed Josie a photo of a pendulum clock. It would cost at least eight figures based on how old
it was. “My father collected antiques, but his things dispersed everywhere after his passing. This clock
only resurfaced this year.”

His father… That clock must have meant a lot to him. Josie took a deep breath and replied, “I’m unsure
if I can do it.”

Dexter smoked the cigarette languidly and patted her head. “I trust you.”

“What about you?” Josie asked.

“I have a meeting.”

Dexter had to attend an international forum. It was near the auction venue, and reporters would be


There were stacks of A4 paper. Each was covered densely with new regulations for this year.

The scene was chaotic. Many reporters sat on the floor and read through the regulations urgently. They
needed to summarize them into concise texts before posting them to the public.

Summer attended the event as Vaste’s staff and was busy like the other reporters.

She blended in well among them. However, those who saw her could not help but focus on her.

There was finally some free time. Moses decided to test the waters and pointed at Summer. “She’s
beautiful. How could you bear to let her go?”

Dexter glanced at her and looked away indifferently. He warned, “Watch what you say.”

Moses could not help but feel sorry for Summer.

She came here for Dexter, only for him to treat her indifferently. Yet, she remained persistent. Thus, he
felt she was worthy of pity.

Dexter knew Summer was there, but she was focused on work and did not attract much attention.

During the break, a woman stopped Dexter’s secretary as he headed to his office. She used the clip on
her pen to hold down the loose strands of hair at her forehead. It made her look strange.

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