That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 449

Card Game

When that moment arrived, she would say, “We’ll see how sincere Mr. Russell is.

During the first two rounds, Dexter gave her some tips and lost miserably to her.

Josie couldn’t hide her joy as her eyes lit up with excitement. She was intrigued to see Dexter getting
defeated, forgetting all about her rage toward him.

Dexter was unfazed by the situation, signaling her to continue with a wide grin on his face.

Dexter won the next round, and as Josie was slowly warming up to the game, he won another round.

Josie started to panic as she stared into his eyes. “Did you cheat?”

Dexter opened up his palms before her. “Don’t you think you’re underestimating me too much?” he

It seems so.

Josie felt uneasy as she dealt the last round of cards. She held her breath as she stared intensely at
Dexter’s hands.

Dexter placed his cards down. “Are you afraid I would win?” he snorted.

I’m afraid you would play tricks behind my back, she replied as if she had zero intention to do so.

Dexter stayed silent as he peeked at his final card, his fingers tapping on the table.

Josie’s nerves were on edge. She hated how calm and composed he looked as if he had everything
wrapped around his finger. His expression seemed to be indicating that he was

about to win.

Dexter peered at her shaking hands for a moment, then tossed his card on the table with a smirk.

It was the three of spades.

Dexter lost!

“You lost!” Josie’s eyes gleamed with a glint of triumph. She almost shot up from the table, feeling
overjoyed by her win.

She couldn’t stop smiling from ear to ear about her win against Dexter.

“I lost.” Dexter admitted calmly. “What do you want me to do?”

How many people longed to hear the CEO of the Russell Group utter the words “I lost”?

After contemplating what she wanted, she asked, “Would you do anything I ask?”

“As you wish.

Before she could answer, Owen woke up from his sleep and yawned. “It’s getting very late. You guys
should head home now.”

It didn’t feel right to have Owen treat them, so Dexter eventually paid for their meal.

When Dexter left to pay the bill, Owen held Josie’s hand and muttered, “Dex hasn’t come here in a long
time, nor has he brought any woman here. He must really treasure you. I hope you guys are happy.

Her excitement from before immediately died down, as she felt a heavy weight in her chest from his
words, as if he was making a request to his daughter-in-law.

Owen continued to hold her hand. “I understand that he has a powerful standing and feels distant at
times. Even as his uncle, I can’t do much to help him. Jo, you have to help me keep an eye on him.”

“He has always been a rebellious kid who would do anything to reach his goals. You have to make sure
he never does anything that breaks the law.”

Owen’s face was flushed from the alcohol, but his eyes were unwavering.

Josie wanted to say that she had no control over Dexter’s actions. She knew more or less

about the illegal activities he was involved in and that he was also an expert at it.

But she couldn’t say anything when she saw him making an earnest request.

The elderly man still saw Dexter as a pure, innocent young boy he wanted to protect. He couldn’t bear
to see him do anything that would hurt himself or others.

Owen sighed as he looked at the sky. “If he ever mistreats you, you can come here to find me, and I’ll
give him a lesson,” he said firmly.

Josie let out a big chuckle.

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