That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 448

Uncle Owen

The curtains opened, and the boss entered. “Are you done?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you for helping.” Dexter answered, his voice respectful and deferential.

Owen waved his hands dismissively. His curiosity was piqued as he asked, “And this is?”

He was asking about Josie.

„Josie’s eyes shifted with uncertainty, pondering how to answer this question.

Should I say I’m his girlfriend?

She subconsciously stepped back as she felt pressured by the situation.

Suddenly, Dexter grabbed Josie’s wrist and pulled her to the front. “I’m already married, Uncle Owen.
She’s my wife, Dexter said nonchalantly.

Josie felt a shiver run down her spine.

Feeling incredulous over his blunt statement, she blinked repeatedly in shock.

“You’re married? That’s great!” Owen chuckled in delight and patted Josie’s shoulder, then proceeded
to say, “Let’s go! I’ll take you guys for some good food.”

“Ah?” Josie’s eyes bulged from the abrupt invitation.

Dexter signaled her to follow Owen.

Josie wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes. She never thought the man who
made important decisions with millions of dollars at stake would be sitting by the roadside, savoring

food from a food truck.

He also didn’t look disgusted or unwilling to be there at all.

Owen ordered a few bottles of beer, clearly excited to see Dexter. “I’ve watched Dex grow up since he
was a boy. It’s been so long since then,” he said to Josie.

The sudden revelation of Dexter’s past caught her off guard.

Dexter poured some beer for Owen. “I’ve been really busy these few years,” he answered coolly.

“Do you think I’m a fool? You don’t have to keep your guard up in front of me,” Owen replied.

Dexter fell silent.

He was really tall, and he barely fit into the small bench by the food truck. The man’s legs dangled
awkwardly off the side of the bench.

As she munched on the tacos, Josie asked, “What happened? I’m really curious to know

Owen gave a knowing smile and didn’t say anything.

“It’s good as long as you’re here to see me,” he answered, swiftly changing the topic. “You’re the first
lady I’ve seen around him. How long did you guys date before you got married?”

“You’ve only seen one because we rarely meet,” Dexter interjected with a hint of mischief.

As soon as he said that, Owen knocked on his head with his knuckles. “Are you proud that you’ve had
so many ex-girlfriends?”

Josie chuckled loudly at their friendly banter.

Dexter shot an icy glare at her.

“What’s your name?”

Josie Warren.”

Owen looked closely at her face as he uttered her name. “You look a lot like..” he mumbled.

“Uncle Owen, she’s not Leanne, Dexter chimed in, his voice calm and composed. “She’s my wife,

Owen froze for a short moment before downing his beer. “Alright! It’s good that you’re no longer stuck
in the past. Treat her well, Dex!”

Dexter frowned, but he had no choice but to comply with his advice. “I understand,” he answered

The sky was a vast canvas painted with a million stars. The crescent moon hung like a teardrop,
dangling from the edge of the sky, its silver light glinting off the stars like diamonds.

They caught a whiff of the mouth-watering aroma of grilled beef as the wind blew through the alley. The
place they sat was bustling with activity, the chatter of the people filling the air like a symphony. They
looked as if they belonged there.

Owen was drunk, lying on the table with his eyes closed.

The silence at the table hung heavy, and she felt uneasy sitting there.

“Do you want to play a game?” Dexter asked enthusiastically.

Josie tilted her head slightly. “What game?”

“Chemin de fer, best of five wins, and the dealer is decided through drawing lots,” Dexter explained and
requested a deck of cards from the food truck owner. He then swiftly shuffled the cards.

Josie wasn’t too familiar with the game.

She rested her head on one of her palms and nodded. “What’s the bet?”

Dexter didn’t have anything in mind. “We’ll try one round first.”

Josie dealt the cards. She already thought of what was on the line for the game. She was sure Dexter
would never agree to it, so it would leave him no choice but to compensate with money.

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