That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 452

Send Her Home

Josie summoned up a smile, unsure of how to react to her remarks. She couldn’t agree with her.

As Josie’s house was on the way, Zach offered to send her home. Laura sat in the passenger’s seat.
Unlike her usual self, she didn’t speak much throughout the duration of the car ride.

Josie had an inkling suspicion that Laura was afraid of Zach.

“Jo, thanks for supporting Laura this whole time. She was born with a golden spoon and never had
much working experience. I’m really glad she has you by her side, Zach said as he looked in the
rearview mirror.

Josie wanted to say that Laura was naturally gifted in the area, so she didn’t need to help her much,
but the words got caught in her throat. “I wouldn’t let her do it alone,” she answered briefly.

“You have a unique type of work that requires you to meet up with clients over drinks, but I hope Laura
can be excluded from that. She has to protect her family’s reputation, so it would be inappropriate if
people saw her.” Zach spoke slowly and composedly; his intentions were clear as day.

Josie glanced towards Laura, noticing that her face had turned ashen pale.

“Well, of course, Mr. Olsen. Don’t worry, I’ll have your wife sent home safely,” she smiled as she
jokingly continued, “Laura is lucky to have such a good husband who loves her, unlike mine, who hasn’t
even called me even though I’m not home at this late hour.

Zach lowered his eyes, and a scornful appearance painted the corner of his lips, “Well, I have to make
sure she doesn’t make a fool out of herself by causing trouble outside.”

“What did you say?” Laura bristled at his rudeness.

Zach glanced at her and stayed silent. The corner of his lips still curled up.

Josie couldn’t force any laughter anymore. Luckily for her, they had reached Mason Garden, and
Dexter’s car had just parked outside. As the door opened, he got down from the car, and his secretary
signaled to him about the other car parked outside.

The car lights were blinding, so Dexter narrowed his eyes and asked, “Zach?”

“Dex.” Zach answered as he turned off his car’s engine.

Josie got down from the car and waved to Laura. “Thanks for sending me home. I’ll see you


Dexter wrapped his arm around her shoulder and nodded at Zach. “Have a safe trip back.”

Josie finally let out a big sigh after they left. I’m not sure why, but I feel that Zach isn’t as gentle as he
looks. Laura seems to be afraid of him too,” she said as they walked into Mason Garden.

Dexter acted like he didn’t hear what she said. “Why are you back this late?”

“Tomorrow’s the opening of our studio.” Seeing how he had forgotten, she put her arms on her waist
and pretended to be angry. “You don’t seem to care about your wife. Not only did you forget tomorrow
is the opening day of our studio, but you also didn’t offer to fetch me from work.”

Dexter smirked at her and asked, “Why don’t you check your phone and see who’s the one who didn’t
reply to their messages?”

Arching an eyebrow, Josie took out her phone from her pocket and was stunned to see the messages
asking her when she would be getting off work. She didn’t reply to any of them.

“I was too busy…”

“Ms. Warren, would you like a warm bath?” Dexter helped her remove her coat and passed it to their

“That would be perfect!”

Laura had rented the entire twenty-eighth floor of the office building next to the Russell Group for a
year, and their new studio was ready to open the next day. It was a major undertaking, and many
partners had sent them flower baskets and gifts to celebrate. Alice felt like her hand was giving in as
she needed to note them down.

Josie invited Paul to witness the significant event of her business opening.

Dexter’s secretary, Larry, greeted Josie in a formal suit. “Mrs. Russell, Mr. Russell asked me to
congratulate you on your opening.

Josie felt embarrassed by her father’s keen stare. “Thank you for coming. Where is Dexter?”

Larry handed her a file and explained. Josie opened the file and was surprised to see the layout design
of the business district in the southern part of the city.

She raised her eyebrows, feeling overwhelmed by what she saw.

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