That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 453

An Overwhelming Gift

“It’s for you, Mrs. Russell. Mr. Russell knows you’re setting up a new company without many clients yet,
so he wanted to give this to you.”

Dexter had an extravagant surprise for her. With this alone, they could sustain the studio for two

“Help me to thank him,” Josie tried to hide her smile, but her eyes gleamed with joy. Why didn’t he tell
me anything yesterday?

After Larry left, Josie noticed Paul looking outside the office window with an indiscernible expression.
Josie approached him and asked, “What’s the matter, Paul? Aren’t you happy for your daughter?”

“Of course I’m happy,” Paul answered, holding onto a walking stick. “I’m proud to see how far you’ve

“I have greater heights to achieve,” Josie said, her voice light but filled with conviction.

“Have you decided to be with him forever?” Paul asked out of the blue, without referring to Dexter

Josie’s lips curled into a smile as she nodded her head. “I’ve thought about it. I’m willing to go through
thick and thin with him.”

Paul mulled over what she said as he patted her head. After a deep sigh, he said, “It’s your choice. If
you’re willing to stay by his side unconditionally, I’ll support you.”

Suddenly, Alice shouted from the outside, “Jo, there’s another flower basket for you. Come and take a

“It must be Laura’s friend.” Josie walked out and saw a huge flower basket placed at their entrance.
Her eyes widened in shock when she read the card attached to it.

The card was imprinted with the words, ‘Congratulations on your opening.

And there was a signature below, “Arnold Carter.

He hadn’t shown up in a long while, and Josie had entirely lost touch with him. His sudden appearance
today made her heart sink.

The summer weather was as unpredictable as ever. The sun had been shining brightly just a few hours
ago, but now a thunderstorm was raging overhead. The rain fell in torrents, and

An Overwhelming Gift

there was no sign of it letting up anytime soon.

A young lady with curled hair framing her gorgeous face stood in front of the villa with an umbrella. She
had been there the whole day.

The villa was located by the beach. In the brief flash of lightning, the villa appeared, its unique and
beautiful design silhouetted against the night sky.

The young lady was Summer.

She stood there with a determined glare. Hope was dwindling, but she refused to give up. She would
hold on to any slight chance, no matter how small.

Vaste was a target for acquisition. With sufficient capital, it wasn’t totally out of the question that they
would strike.

The company interested in taking over Vaste was one which can never be underestimated the Carter

Arnold wasn’t going to back down anytime soon. The revelation of this news meant that he had
everything under control.

Rumors had been going around that Arnold decided to go against her because Summer wouldn’t
budge at his attempts to pursue her. Therefore, he was adamant not to waste any more time on her.

Mark wanted Summer to return to Olsen Group, but she refused. His anger flared, and he declared he
would no longer help her. If she wanted to risk her career and life for Vaste, that was her choice, but he
would not be involved.

That morning, Summer texted Dexter, ‘You promised me that you wouldn’t target Vaste. I’ll wait for you
at the Emerald Villa:

Dexter kept the promise and didn’t harm Vaste, but she needed his help as he was close to Arnold.

Arnold’s actions were always unpredictable, making it difficult to know what he would do next. She was
at her wit’s end, so she came to find Dexter for help.

But she didn’t get a reply from him, so she stood at the beach the whole day.

Even though Dexter wasn’t avoiding her, he firmly stated that he didn’t want anything to do with her.
Any coincidence they had in the past wasn’t by chance but by Summer’s deliberate attempts to see
him. Understanding his intentions, Summer wasn’t confident she could meet him today.

Furthermore, she had chosen to meet him at this villa.

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