That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 455


Summer lay on the bed, trying to process what had happened. She had been so focused on saving
Vaste that she hadn’t even considered her health. But when Dexter returned from the balcony, she
sprang up from the bed. “Dex, have you decided?” she asked frantically.

Dexter was taken aback by her actions. He chuckled, “You’re a stubborn one.”

She cared more about Vaste’s survival than her own health.

Dexter noticed the similarities between Summer and Liana. They looked alike, were both determined
and never gave up on their goals.

Dexter respected her for her tenacity.

He passed her a cup of water and said, “First, I never agreed to consider your request.”

“Furthermore, you were the one who kept prying on me. Now it’s my turn to ask you some questions.”

Dexter placed his phone on the side and stared at her gravely. His hands were in his pockets, and his
stance was intimidating.

“First, you want the Carter Group to give up on acquiring Vaste. But what happens when Vaste is swept
up in the fierce competition in the industry? Vaste wasn’t in a good state before, so how would you
overcome this?”

Summer’s mouth gaped open in surprise, her eyes wide as she prepared to respond.

“Secondly, even if the Carter Group doesn’t acquire Vaste, other companies in the industry are still
eager to take advantage of Vaste’s vulnerability. How will your company overcome this?”

The two questions exposed the reality that Vaste was in a vulnerable position in the industry.

Either way, they had big obstacles awaiting them.

Summer’s words caught in her throat. She mulled over his questions, but she couldn’t find a
satisfactory answer to his questions.

“If your company can’t come up with a proper plan to overcome the problem, I won’t help you, Dexter
said indifferently as he walked away.

“Dex!” Summer called after him.

Dexter stopped walking, as Summer had hoped.

Summer turned around and faced him again. She took a deep breath, and her eyes became
determined. “I haven’t thought of a way to overcome the problem yet, but Vaste has great potential in
the industry. If Vaste survives, the leaders will keep the research team, even if we eventually enter the
e-commerce business.”

Summer’s eyes lit up with hope. “Their visions are clear and unwavering, and I believe in all

of us.”

Dexter had been in the industry for a long time and had seen it all. He had dealt with ruthless people
and unreasonable matters, so the word “vision” was something he had rarely heard.

She continued to persuade him, “You agree with this solution, don’t you?”

Dexter chuckled. “You’ve only recently joined Vaste, so why are you so eager to save it? Seeing how
he treats you, Arnold wouldn’t be too harsh on you.”

“I made it clear to him before I returned that we can’t be together, so I doubt he’ll show mercy now. As
for Vaste, my father wouldn’t let me stay, so I’m not backing down.”

After pondering for a while, Dexter muttered, I’ll help you but with one condition.”

“Got it. What’s your condition?”

“Let the Russell Group become a shareholder of Vaste. Dexter saw Vaste’s potential in the industry,
and it was beneficial for him to do so.

Summer froze at his request. Dexter was clearly taking advantage of their vulnerable state. He said it
with such ease, revealing his true intentions. Even if he did not say these words exactly, he was
basically giving her an ultimatum, “You can join forces with me and lead it to new heights, or you can
watch it be taken over by a competitor. The choice is yours.

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