That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 458

Have It Covered

“You had your eyes on that project. Everyone else thought you crashed the stock market to target Josie
and me, but your real target was Xanthe and Wyatt.”

Their eyes met, and Dexter’s smirk widened. He didn’t say anything in response to Arnold’s claims, but
his eyes glinted with malice.

“You’re sharing the profits from a project you don’t even care about?” Arnold asked incredulously.

“I’m afraid you couldn’t handle anything more.”

With one final word to share with Arnold, Dexter commented, “Stop being so unserious in your
relationships.” After a short pause, he continued, “Try to win their hearts. The Olsen girl might not have
been the one for you, and the new one you’re caring for doesn’t look easy.

He was referring to Heather.

Dexter’s words suggested that he had no interest in Summer.

Arnold’s smile faltered. He was a shrewd judge of character, and his eyes could see right through
Dexter’s intentions.

“I have it covered,” Arnold answered dryly.

Dexter’s eyes were narrowed with exasperation as he walked out of the office, his lips pressed into a
thin line.

Heather leaned against the wall outside Arnold’s office. As soon as she saw him, she smiled and said,
“Mr. Russell.”

Dexter nodded in greeting, his expression unreadable.

A pale hand blocked Dexter’s path as he entered the elevator. “Mr. Russell, you left something behind,”
the woman said, gasping for breath. “Mr. Carter asked me to give it to you.”

It was a portfolio.

Dexter took it from the woman and said, “Alright, in an icy voice.

Dexter had ordered Moses to send the portfolio to Vaste’s office. “Mr. Russell, are you headed to the
Russell Group or Mason Garden next?” Moses asked.

Dexter answered with a single word, “Home”

Moses immediately understood what he meant.

Moses drove towards Vaste’s office, which was in the same direction as Mason Garden. The office was
quite far away.

Moses stopped the car in front of Vaste’s office building. He got out of the car and hurried inside while
Dexter stayed in the car.

The company had taken a hard fall from the business crisis, and few employees remained.

The company had been struggling, and as soon as it hit rock bottom, people started leaving. It was a
harsh reality.

Moses sighed, his heart heavy, as he went to find Summer.

As Moses passed by the finance department, he was stopped in his tracks by the commotion unfolding
before him.

Summer accidentally bumped into a colleague, dropping everything she was carrying.

She apologized profusely and bent down to pick up the scattered papers. I’m really sorry.” she
apologized to the female employee.

Suddenly, the employee pushed Summer with such force that she fell backward, landing hard on the

Summer looked up at the person who had pushed her, but she was met with a barrage of insults. “It’s
all your fault that we’re in this mess!” she shouted. “Vaste was doing fine before you came along. But
ever since you joined us, a series of unfortunate events have happened. You’re bringing us bad luck!”

There were many people around who saw what was happening. If not for the quick intervention of a
few bystanders, Summer would have been slapped in the face.

Summer stood up in shock and disbelief. “How can you blame me for this?” she shrieked. “Are you
really that idiotic?”

The pressure of losing their jobs was getting to everyone at Vaste, and some people were lashing out
as a result. This employee harbored prejudice against Summer and directed her anger toward her..

Summer understood that the woman was under a lot of pressure but was still struck dumb by her
words. She felt like she had been attacked for no reason.

“You stole someone else’s project when you joined, and you think you’re entitled to it. I am

certain you slept with the executive to land the project. You’re disgusting. You should be ashamed of
yourself, the woman yelled.

The finance worker’s vulgar and demeaning language was a stark contrast to the professional setting.

The people who were standing around watched the scene unfold with cold, hostile eyes.

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