That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 460

Ungrateful Woman

Moses was sensible and knew they must not bring Summer back to Mason Garden. As such, there
was only one place they could head to-Emerald Villa.

Summer was in a disheveled state and didn’t have any belongings with her. Dexter was a clean freak
and was disturbed to see her state. “Have you been staying at Vaste the past few days?”

“Mm-hmm. I fell out with my father, and the house I bought is still under renovation.”

Dexter passed Emerald Villa’s key to her and said, “You may stay here temporarily before the Russell
Group successfully acquires Vaste.”

Dexter had some work matters to discuss with Summer, and there was no better place to go apart from
Emerald Villa.

Summer held the key carefully and was overjoyed.

The villa had clean clothes, so Summer took a shower and changed. When she came out, Dexter
showed her the lengthy agreements related to Vaste and the Russell Group on his laptop.

Summer was experienced in this area, so she could easily understand the agreement’s content. The
terms and conditions stated were almost unreasonable. Regretting asking Dexter for help, Summer sat
on the floor and gazed at the man pitifully, “Please have


It would have been better to let Arnold acquire the company!

Dexter was amused by her pitiful yet comical look. “You asked for it.”

Nonetheless, Summer knew there was no other way at this point. She used all her knowledge and tried
her best to negotiate to minimize the harm to Vaste. Finally, she added, “Vaste has been through a lot.”

Dexter stood in the courtyard and looked at the plants in the yard. The sun shone on his face.

“Been through a lot? What does that truly mean? Take Arnold as an example, his father was
imprisoned, and he survived among all sorts of greedy and malicious people. He even went against the
market several times for your sake. No outsiders could understand him, yet he gritted his teeth and
developed the Carter Group to this day. The hardships he went through were rewarded.”

Summer remained silent momentarily. “He’s a capable person.”

“Vaste can achieve great things too.” Dexter took up a watering pot and casually watered some plants.
“If Vaste manages to pull through this hurdle, it’ll be the greatest testament of all time; if it fails to, it’ll
collapse forever.”

Summer answered solemnly, “I want to win.”

Dexter gave her a profound glance and closed his laptop. Moses kept the laptop away and whispered
in Dexter’s ear, “Mrs. Russell called me just now.”

Summer couldn’t hear Moses clearly. She stared at the laptop in a daze and suddenly lost her senses.
She casually asked, “Dex, how have you and Josie been recently?”

Dexter’s gaze instantly turned hostile, making Summer flinch. She was always cautious on the topic of
Josie. However, she couldn’t suppress her curiosity. “I’m just curious… You set her birthday as your
laptop password. How could you fall in love with someone else?”

Summer tried to log in to Dexter’s laptop one day, and she instinctively keyed in Josie’s birthday. To her
surprise, she guessed it right.

Dexter’s face darkened as he stood up. “Summer Olsen.”

Not only did Summer intrude on his private matter, but she also boldly asked the abrupt question.
Regardless of her attitude, it was a great transgression.

Summer was taken aback by Dexter’s response. Trembling, she looked at him with red- rimmed eyes.
I’m sorry…”

So, he really loves Josie. Not only that, he loves her so much that he won’t allow others to mention her.

“Ungrateful woman. These were Dexter’s final words before he left.

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