That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 459

What Is Trust?

Summer felt a chill all over her body, her face as pale as a sheet. She rushed out of the crowd with
trembling hands, but the person grabbed her hair, behaving like a shrew.

Moses couldn’t bring himself to turn a blind eye, so he went up and pulled Summer to his side. “What
are you guys doing?!”

The crowd was intimidated by the robust Moses and his fierce glare.

Summer’s eyes lit up when she saw Moses, but she instinctively covered her face. Moses told
Summer, “Ms. Olsen, Mr. Russell is downstairs.”

Summer’s eyes glistened with hope as if she had found a straw to clutch at.

Moses brought her away from the crowd, disregarding the curious gazes of the others who discussed
among themselves.

“Hey, who’s that man?”

“Why is he calling her Ms. Olsen?”

Actually, Moses was nervous because Dexter didn’t intend to meet Summer and only him to deliver
some stuff. Moses bit the bullet and was prepared to be scolded by

He sympathized with Summer’s difficult situation-she repaid grievances with kind those despicable
people bullied her.

Dexter looked out the window and saw Summer striding toward his car, looking disheveled. Tears were
streaming down her face while Moses followed behind her.

She stood outside the car but didn’t open the car door as she couldn’t see the situation in the car. She
stared at the car in a daze with a pitiful look.

Moses quickly got into the driver’s seat and reported the incident to Dexter in a fluster. Toward the end,
he added, “Mr. Russell, I just feel so sorry for Ms. Olsen.”

Indeed, even Dexter had rarely seen Summer in such a helpless state. The only other time he had
seen it was when she complained to him about the past.

Summer was raised as a composed lady since she was young, and her calm manner always left a
deep impression on people. It was a rare occurrence to see her as emotional as last


Dexter didn’t answer but opened the car door slightly. When Summer saw his action, she immediately
understood his intention. So, she slowly opened the door and got into the car.

Thereafter, Moses drove away steadily. No one spoke in the car except the sound of Summer sobbing.
Dexter passed a tissue paper to her without saying anything. Summer received it and wiped away her

Moments later, Summer gripped the tissue paper in her hand and asked in a loss, “Dex, what is trust?
How can some people be that malicious?”

Dexter paused briefly before placing the folder that Moses hadn’t had a chance to pass to Summer in
front of her and said, “This is trust.”“

Summer looked at Dexter in confusion and opened the folder. A stack of documents fell out of it. She
randomly picked up one of them and saw the title of the document, Vaste Acquisition Plan, with a red
check mark beside it.

The thick pile of documents was all related to the acquisition plan. Arnold was meticulous and
determined to win the acquisition plan. Yet, he willingly handed over these documents to Dexter.

Dexter had promised Summer that regardless of her present and past identity or any other concerns,
he would fulfill his words. This was trust.

Summer couldn’t believe that he actually did it. She stared fixedly at the man, thinking he had truly lived
up to being the person she adored. He always used his actions to answer the doubts in her heart.

Summer grasped the document so hard that the edge of the paper cut her finger, but she didn’t mind at
all. Thank you.” She uttered solemnly.

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