That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 464

Meeting Wyatt again

During the later years of his life, his grandfather spent most of his time sitting in a rocking chair and
indulged in reading newspapers to pass the hours.

Marilyn was in the yard watering the flowers. As Josie arrived, Marilyn’s hand trembled slightly as she
exclaimed, “Josie!”


Startled by the sound, Grandpa quickly set aside the newspaper and walked out. “Young lady! Why
didn’t you tell me you were coming? I could have arranged for someone to pick you up. Did you come
here all by yourself?”

Josie’s nose twitched slightly. “Yes, that’s right. The car could only be parked halfway up the mountain,
so I had to walk the rest.”

Grandpa’s heart ached as he quickly took the gift from her hands and ushered her inside. Once Josie
sat down, her priority was to examine her grandfather’s medical records, checking if he had attended
his follow-up appointments. After confirming everything was fine, she finally sighed in relief.

“Where on earth is Dexter?” Grandpa exclaimed.

“I’ve left the Russell group, Grandpa,” Josie said, her nerves subdued. “I now run my not far from our
old home. I’ll be able to visit you more often.”

Grandpa seemingly nodded. He reached out and gently patted Josie’s hand, a hint of tenderness in his
eyes. “Marrying into our family has brought you so much hardship. I apologize for that.” Grandpa had
known about her hardship all too well.

Adorning her wrist was a mesmerizing jade bangle, a delicate masterpiece gleaming with vibrant green
hues. She never failed to wear the jade bangle her grandfather had given her, and today was no

Casually toying with the bangle, Josie turned solemn as she spoke, “I am fine, Grandpa. 1 believe this
is all worth it.”

Grandpa smiled slightly and asked, “Is your father awake?”

“How did you know?” Josie was somewhat taken aback.

“Dexter told me.”

She was surprised that Dexter cared.

“He’s awake and undergoing rehabilitation, but it’s been a slow journey, and walking is still a
challenge,” Josie explained. “Once he’s in better shape, I’ll arrange for my father to come and visit you.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Your father is the one who is ill, so it should be me visiting him
instead. Give me the address, and don’t worry about anything else,” Grandpa muttered quickly, with a
hint of exasperation in his voice.


“Josie, forget about these trivial matters. We are a family here, and family members don’t discuss such
matters,” Marilyn said gently. “Besides, your Grandpa is bored at home every day.”

“Alright then,” Josie replied as she smiled sheepishly at Grandpa.

After enjoying dinner at the Russell mansion, she spent a long time conversing with Grandpa before
finally deciding to leave.

He was reluctant to see her go, but she reassured him, saying. “Dexter will come to pick me up. You
can trust him.”

Exiting the Russell mansion, they were taken aback to find several black Bentleys parked by the gate.
Marilyn and Grandpa exchanged surprised looks as they watched Yanis and the others leave the
vehicles. Spotting Josie, they exclaimed. “Josie?”

Josie’s gaze focused on Wyatt, who seemed vapid, standing behind Yanis. At that moment, Wyatt
deliberately avoided meeting her


“You’re leaving?”


Despite her underlying fear of his presence, Josie remained calm. “Yes, it’s a bit late for you to visit
Grandpa. Isn’t it?” she said sarcastically.

“Oh, I had an emergency, Wyatt replied, his gaze briefly lingering on Josie before turning away. “Wyatt,
how rude of you. How could you not greet your sister-in-law when you see her? I heard that she played
a vital role in helping you through your recent crisis.”

Finally, Wyatt lifted his head and greeted tersely, “Hello, Josie.”

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