That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 456

Office Housekeeper

She had no choice but to make a decision

The business can be cutthroat and unrelenting

“Okay,” Summer answered, forcing a smile.

Dexter was actually touched by Summer’s efforts to save Vaste. Although it might have seemed like he
was taking advantage of the situation, he had offered his help out of sincerity.

As silence filled the air, Summer’s gaze fell on his wet shirt. “Do you want to remove your shirt so I can
help you blow dry it? You’ll catch a cold if you keep it on like this.”

Dexter stared at her in confusion. His phone buzzed, and he saw that it was Josie calling.

With a faltering smile, Summer then said, “You should get going.”

The rain was still pouring down outside.

Dexter left without replying to her. Before he went, he instructed her, “You can contact Larry about
Vaste’s matters.”

The only reason he stayed to discuss these matters was because she never brought up


It was a pleasant dream for her, but it was something he wanted to forget.


Summer stood at the room entrance, listening to the door close behind him. The sound of his car
engine revving faded into the distance, eventually drowned out by the rain.

Her heart was no longer pounding as hard as before.

She then went into the closet.

She was surprised to see the clothes hanging inside. The closet had been cleaned recently, and the
clothes were fresh and dust-free.

The man’s suits and shirts were hung next to the woman’s t-shirts and dresses as if they were a family.

Summer’s breath caught in her throat. The clothes were all Josie’s size. She’s been here before…

She felt like she was sinking like an anchor, her heart drowning in her sorrows. She fell to her knees,
her eyes turning red as sadness washed over her like a wave of despair. Once again, it’s


The next day.

Dexter entered Arnold’s luxurious office on the top floor of the Carter Group building. A lady was sitting
at his desk, reading a book.

The book was open on the table. The lady sat upright, her posture perfect as she read each line
carefully. She didn’t notice Dexter’s presence at all.

Despite her immaculate and reserved appearance, her unique charisma drew people in like a


Dexter looked away from her and knocked on the door.

She lifted her head and shifted her gaze towards the door. Her mouth gaped slightly when she saw the
charismatic man. After a short moment, she stood up and asked with casual politeness, “May I ask who
you are?”

Dexter didn’t answer.

She quickly explained, “Mr. Carter is out for an appointment. It’ll most likely take some time before he
returns. He asked me to wait for him here…”

He was intrigued to see that Arnold had let a woman into the office filled with highly confidential
documents. She must not be an ordinary woman.

Dexter immediately asked, “Who are you?”

The lady froze, her face pale. “I’m Mr. Carter’s newly appointed housekeeper,” she mumbled.

“Housekeeper?” Dexter’s voice was deep and resonating.

His appearance was almost God-like, with a charisma out of this world. It was like being in the
presence of a mist on a mountain, enveloping and intoxicating.

The man’s square, chiseled jawlines were a testament to his strength and determination. If a man with
this charisma could breeze through Arnold’s office without any trouble, his identity must be

The lady wouldn’t dare to look at him. “Yes, I’m his office housekeeper,” she said, her voice barely
above a whisper.

Dexter caught on immediately and reached out to pick up her book. It was a thick economics textbook
filled with complex jargon that would be difficult for a layperson to understand.

The air in the office thickened like a weight pressing down on her chest. “What would you like to drink?
I’ll get it for you.”

Office Housekeeper

The lady rose from her chair with a graceful poise, her expression calm and unperturbed She clutched
her book in her hands as her skirt swayed with her every step

She had a familiar face, but he couldn’t quite place her. “Warm water will do,” he said, slightly hesitant.

The lady set a steaming cup of warm water down on the table in front of him, her eyes fixed on his
face. “I still haven’t gotten your name,” she prompted.

“My surname is RussellTM

“Mr. Russell

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