That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 466

Her Past

Josie was caught off guard by her offer and politely declined, “Oh no, that’s not necessary.”

“Just accept it. It’s not expensive but a small token of my gratitude.”

Josie couldn’t resist any longer and noticed that Mrs. Hadey exuded an exceptionally elegant and
graceful demeanor. She genuinely liked Mrs. Hadey and was eager to learn more about her.

Mrs. Hadey also liked Josie and gently caressed her cheek, saying, “Remember to visit me next time,
and if you ever have any wishes, you can come here and light a candle. It works wonders.”

Josie chuckled, “I don’t have any particular requests.”

Meanwhile, Dexter had a social event at Heaven On Earth that day. Calvin had prepared several cases
of wine, and everyone present had indulged in it except for Dexter, who remained sober. He instructed
Moses to arrange transportation for everyone.

While Larry went to retrieve the car, Dexter leaned against the doorway, took out a cigarette from his
case, lit it with a lighter, and in the dim light, his face stood out, drawing the attention of numerous
women who were tempted to hit on him.

Yet, no one dared to take action due to his intimidating presence. Not until a gentle woman’s voice
broke the silence, “Hey, Mr. Russell…”

Through the smoke, Dexter caught sight of Heather, the woman he had previously seen in Arnold’s

She held a document and seemed somewhat cautious. “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to run into
you here.”

Dexter’s lips curved slightly. The alcohol had made him somewhat tipsy. “What is it that you want?”

His tone was cold, and Heather didn’t want to linger. She approached and handed him the document.
This is from Mr. Carter. He asked me to give it to you.”

Dexter didn’t rush to take it. He glanced around and indeed spotted a blue Ferrari on the

street corner.

“Why didn’t he come himself?”

“Mr. Carter… Mr. Carter said you have a penchant for showing tenderness and care towards women.”
Heather repeated, avoiding direct eye contact with Dexter. She could clearly sense

that his current aura was even more unstable and untamed than when she last saw him.

Dexter sneered and took the document. He untied the silk thread wrapped around it, pulled it out, and a
few photos and pieces of paper fell out.

The photos had a distinct vintage look, with visible signs of aging and fading. However, Dexter could
still recognize Josie in them.

It was from her university days, captured in one photo where she leaned against a male classmate,
wearing a bright smile. At the same time, the average-looking guy beside her gazed at her

Heather noticed a significant darkening in Dexter’s expression, a growing anger evident in his eyes.
She could tell he cared about this woman… and felt a pang of jealousy…

Dexter quickly composed himself. He put out his cigarette, set the photos aside, and told Heather. Tell
him to mind his own business.”

The latter shrank back, feeling intimidated by his reaction.

Josie couldn’t wait for Dexter to come and pick her up. Half an hour ago, he had sent a message
saying he was delayed due to a social engagement.

She didn’t mind and drove back to Mason Garden, but somehow her stomach felt uneasy. Julie gave
her some medicine, and she lay down on the bed, eventually drifting off to sleep.

When Dexter returned, he found a pale-faced woman.

In her half-awake state, she felt his touch and caresses. She caught a whiff of the strong scent of
alcohol and furrowed her brow. “Oh, you’re back.”

Dexter remained patient. He gently rubbed her stomach and lower abdomen. “Hmm? Feeling unwell?”

She was sober but couldn’t open her eyes due to the discomfort in her body. She turned over and said,
“Probably got food poisoning.”

Dexter paid no heed to her protests. Josie was too weak to resist his advances and could only allow
him to do as he pleased.

He slowly removed her pajamas, and she felt the coolness and the touch of his warm touches. Her
voice was hoarse, “Dex, not tonight… I’m not feeling well, Dex… Mmm…”

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