That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 462

I’ll Never Betray You

When Dexter was about to put the food into his mouth, Josie stopped him abruptly and wore a pitiful
look. “This is the only successful dish I made. Please show mercy.”

Dexter nodded and said to Moses, “Get Anderson over.”

Josie was frustrated. “Hey, I may not be a great chef, but I won’t poison you. Anderson is busy, so don’t
bother him.”

Dexter smiled and paused briefly after tasting the food. “How is it?” Josie asked nervously. She knew
Dexter had tasted all kinds of delicacies, and there was no way she could surpass them, but she
thought her cooking shouldn’t be that bad.

After chewing and swallowing the food, Dexter put down his cutleries and said seriously to Josie,
“Actually, Mrs. Carroll can cook at home. Please promise me you won’t enter the kitchen anymore.” In
other words, he was commenting that the dish was nasty.

Josie pushed Dexter sulkily and carefully tasted the dish with a frown. Then, she beamed from ear to
ear. “You liar, it’s delicious!”

Dexter laughed as he managed to trick Josie. “What have you been up to today?” He asked and drank
some water.


spent much time dealing with the great gift you sent.” Josie looked at Dexter and asked, “Moses said
you were in a meeting just now. Was it at the Russell Group?”

Dexter paused briefly before nodding. “Mm-hmm.”

Then, he asked, “Have you heard of Vaste?”

Perplexed, Josie thought about it and nodded. “I think so. What happened?”

“The company is in trouble. Summer is an employee there. A few days ago, she came to me for help.”
Dexter honestly informed Josie about the matter.

Josie was startled as she looked into Dexter’s eyes. “Did you help her?” She smiled.


“Aren’t you worried that I’ll get angry?”

Dexter answered, “I hope you can understand.”

As they continued gazing fixedly at each other, Josie uttered indifferently, “So, you guys met?”

I’ll Never Betray You

“Mm-hmm. She waited in the rain and had a high fever.”

Josie was comforted by Dexter’s honesty. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll be jealous?”

Dexter held her cold hand and fidgeted with her fingers. “Mrs. Russell, I’m already yours. There’s
nothing to be jealous of.”

He pulled her into his arms and buried his head in her neck, smelling her unique scent. He sighed,
“Josie, I’ll never betray you.”

Josie’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Dexter’s words, which indicated his absolute submission
toward her.

Josie caressed his head. His hair was hard, and the posture seemed as if she was petting a puppy.

With his honest confession, she wouldn’t care about anything else. All she wanted was to stay by his
side and understand him.


A week later…..

A group of senior executives in their fifties waited in Vaste’s conference room for a long time before the
talented young man arrived after attending to other matters.

Dexter was not strange to the board of directors, and they acknowledged the Russell Group as a
powerful conglomerate. However, the person seated at the main seat was Larry, who had a
businessman-like demeanor. After reciting the clauses one after another, he said, “It’s getting late now.
Please sign the documents if there are no objections.”

Meanwhile, Dexter was sitting aside, closing his eyes to rest. Occasionally, he would open his eyes to
look at the orchids in the flowerpot, but his expression seemed disinterested.

Standing across from the conference table, Summer could clearly see Dexter’s actions. She was
hesitant and had complicated feelings.

Someone sighed as if they were mourning the downfall of Vaste. Thereafter, the rustling sound of pens
signing on the documents emerged.

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