That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 461

Only Those Involved Would Know

After Dexter closed the door and left, there was a pin-drop silence in the house. Summer slumped to
the ground and mumbled, “Yeah, I’m an ungrateful woman. But no one in this world loves you more
than I do.”

On the other hand, Josie called Dexter several times, but the calls weren’t answered, so she called
Moses, Moses picked up the call and told Josie Dexter was in a meeting and would call back later.

However, Moses was just Dexter’s driver most of the time and rarely knew what Dexter was up to. So,
his swift response made Josie suspicious.

“What are you thinking?” Alice stretched after completing a draft and saw Josie spacing out.

“Nothing.” Josie snapped out of her daze and saw that Laura’s office was empty. “Is she absent on the
first day of work?”

“Well, she’s the boss.” Alice lowered her voice and continued enviously, “I heard Laura’s husband is the
only son of the Olsen family. What a lucky woman. Josie recalled that Mark and the family didn’t even
show up at Laura’s wedding and the barely noticeable scar on her hand. So, she wondered if Laura
was truly happy.

Only the person involved in the marriage would know the real situation.

After leaving Emerald Villa, Dexter exhorted Moses, “Don’t let anyone know that Summer is staying

“I understand.”

Emerald Villa was situated near Mason Garden. Dexter wanted to spend time alone, so he decided to
walk back. His subordinates were worried about him and slowly followed him in their cars, which soon
caused traffic congestion.

Nonetheless, none of the road users dared to approach them.

Dexter was carried away by deep thoughts and sauntered down the street slowly. His figure looked
attractive under the sunlight.

No one dared to neglect Dexter, the president of the Russell Group. In normal situations, he wouldn’t
stroll along the street casually. Larry became worried and asked Moses to check on Dexter.

Hearing the footsteps, Dexter didn’t turn around but raised his hand, gesturing for Moses to stop
approaching him.

He sat down beside a newspaper stall and picked up a newspaper. The author of the article on that
page happened to be Summer. She eloquently and professionally described the current market
situation. She was naturally an artistic person. The remark at the end of the article seemed to be
written out of her personal feelings. The development of the market in the next few decades very much
depends on Mr. Russell’s maneuvers.

Dexter chuckled and waved for Larry to come over. He passed Larry the newspaper and said, “Take a
look at this.”

After reading the article, Larry commented with a smile, “Ms. Olsen is right.”

Dexter replied nonchalantly, “A few decades? That’s too far into the future to predict.”

“You’re thinking too far ahead. Everything will be fine.” Larry understood Dexter’s meaning.

Dexter didn’t respond but sat at the stall until dusk gradually descended.

Just then, the phone rang. Moses was relieved to see the incoming caller ID and quickly passed the
phone to Dexter.

“I learned a few new dishes from Mrs. Carroll. You should taste them!”

The voice on the other end sounded cheerful and slightly muffled as if Josie was chewing something.

Her voice brought a beam to Dexter’s face. “Okay, I’ll be right back.

When he arrived home, Josie had served the dishes and arranged the table. She sat at the table and
propped her face with her hand while waiting for Dexter. She stood up immediately when she heard the
sound of the door opening.

“You took so long.”

Dexter glanced at her and looked at the dishes on the table. “Why did you suddenly want to learn

Dexter frowned slightly, seeing the appearance of the dishes that weren’t great.

Noticing his expression, Josie handed him the cutleries. “Give it a try.”

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