That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 467

What is Love

Dexter’s kiss silenced her refusal, leaving her only able to make sobbing sounds. At that moment, she
fully awakened. Josie felt his actions were utterly unreasonable. Unable to speak, she resorted to
punching and kicking, but Dexter effortlessly subdued her.

Josie felt incredibly uncomfortable and couldn’t bear being treated in such a way. Tears welled up in her
eyes as she exclaimed, “Dex! What’s gotten into you?”

He remained silent.

This alcohol-fueled encounter almost went out of control. Josie couldn’t endure it any longer. She
curled and cried out, “I hate you!”


Her sobbing and pitiful voice sounded as if she were acting coquettishly.

To Dexter’s ears, this only drove her even more desperate and cranked up the sensuality of

the situation.

And so, the steamy episode lasted until dawn.

Josie’s voice grew hoarse, and her whole body trembled uncontrollably. Dexter held her in his arms
and whispered, “Jo, don’t make me angry.

Josie felt utterly confused. She had no idea what she had done to provoke him. Her nose was red from
crying, and she said, “You promised to pick me up, but you stood me up. Clearly, you’ve gone too far!”

Being bullied in such a manner made her appear adorable and innocent. Dexter’s pent-up anger
inexplicably dissipated. He patted her head and said, “I’m sorry.”

Josie took a deep breath, turned away, and ignored him.

Dexter continued, “It’s my fault.”

Still, she remained silent. After being tormented in bed the whole night, she was covered in sweat but
felt much better than before the sex.

The man gave his hand and said, “Let me help you to the bathroom, okay?”

Blushing, Josie wrapped herself in her clothes and said, “I don’t need your help.

Her gait seemed somewhat comical, limping and hobbling, clearly indicating what she had just

Dexter sat up in bed, his mood improving as he watched her, unable to contain his


The realization that she had revealed her true self to another man ignited an uncontrollable wave of
possessiveness in Dexter. That man had likely once been a beacon of light in her heart.

Dexter’s smile gradually faded, and his expression became somber as he contemplated something.

At that very moment, a scream echoed from the bathroom.

Dexter’s face instantly changed, and he quickly rose to his feet, rushing inside.

There, he found Josie, still unclothed, sprawled on the floor, unable to get up. She looked at Dexter
with a mix of grievances and said, “The floor is so slippery.”

It was evident that she had applied an excessive amount of shower gel and was standing barefoot. It
would be impossible if she hadn’t slipped.

Dexter crouched down, lifting her up and swiftly helping her clean up. In the process, he also got wet.

Josie’s body was sore, and as she noticed the man’s expression darken, she intentionally splashed
water on him, remarking, “Why are you mad…”

Dexter glanced at her and retorted, “Are you kidding me?”

Instinctively. Josie wrapped her arms around his neck and playfully remarked, “You’re the big fool, and
I’m the little fool. Buy one big fool, get one little fool for free.”

Josie was naïve as if she were a child.

Dexter couldn’t help but turn his head to conceal his smile, then lifted her up and carried her out. Josie
obediently draped herself over him as if a koala bear cub.

Wrapped in a towel, Josie lay on the bed; her delicate waistline was bruised from the fall.

Dexter retrieved some medicine from the first aid kit and gently applied it to the blue-black. Most of the
time, he was the one taking care of her.

It was always like this; he had to go through unnecessary trouble to show his love for her.

Feeling the cooling sensation on her waist, Josie was blinded and carried away by his attentive care,
and she blurted out, “Hey, am I your favorite woman?”

Her voice was husky, emitting an alluring mystique.

In truth, this question was already approached with caution. Josie didn’t dare to confirm whether she
was Dexter’s only one. She only dared to inquire if she held a special place as his favorite.

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