That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 470

Dreams of Youth

One of the employees recognized Zac and inquired, “Isn’t that the young master of the Olsen family?
Ms. Warren, do you know him?”

“Is he good-looking?” Josie asked, diverting the conversation with an offhand question.

“Not just good-looking, but also loaded. Unfortunately, he’s taken.”

“There’s nothing unfortunate about it. Being married to someone like him would be a disaster,” Josie
responded, her annoyance and restlessness palpable.

Later, heavy rain began to pour down over Wavery. The raindrops hammered against the dark sea

The news came from Zac that a helicopter had been dispatched for the search.

In recent days, Dexter had been swamped, practically living at the Russell Mansion. He held marathon
meetings while the employees burned the midnight oil to plan. Josie had no clue about his current
activities. Still, she felt something significant was unfolding at the Russell Mansion.

While making the phone call, Larry handed Dexter the final confirmation list for his review.

Dexter quickly glanced at it while answering a personal call.

Upon seeing the caller ID, his lips curled into a faint smile, and his gaze momentarily lifted, but his
voice remained chilly. “What’s going on?”

*… The weather has changed, the voice on the other end hesitated before conveying those words.

Dexter furrowed his brow and finally glanced out the window, observing the heavy downpour outside.

Inside the climate-controlled room, everything seemed unchanged in the past twenty-four hours. Dexter
nodded in agreement, “Hmm, make sure to bundle up and stay warm.”

There was a momentary silence from the other end, clearly dissatisfied with this response.

Struggling to convey their thoughts, they finally got straight to the point, “Laura is in Norsturham, and
she’s gone missing for some time now. Zac has deployed a search team. Have you heard anything
about it?”

“I have no idea.”

Indeed, Dexter was clueless about this matter, no matter how widely it was being discussed.

So he made an educated guess. Considering their argument, Josie wouldn’t call him without reason

“Norsturham is extremely treacherous, and the rain is pouring relentlessly. Can you…”

Knowing Josie’s intentions, Dexter played dumb, maintaining a patient expression as if urging her to


As it turned out, her mention of the changing weather was a precursor to this matter, and Dexter’s
smile faded.

Silently waiting by his side, Larry noticed a tinge of frustration in Dexter’s demeanor. His unusual
emotion seemed unbefitting in this situation.

Josie couldn’t bring herself to utter the words seeking his assistance. It felt too much like begging, and
begging was beneath her.

“I guess I’ll hang up then.” Josie finally relented.

Dexter sighed, set down his pen, and uttered, “I’ll help you.”

At that last moment, his warm voice reached her ears, causing Josie to pause.

Dexter ended the call, passed the documents to Larry, and instructed, “Arrange for our team to support
Zac in Norsturham.”

“Sure thing.”

Not long after Larry departed, a staff member from the secretary’s office appeared with a file folder. “Mr.
Russell, here’s everything we’ve dug up, just like you asked.”

Dexter pursed his lips and gazed motionless at the brown file folder for a moment.

“Who’s this man?”

“He’s Morgan Bastille. He had a brief fling with Josie back in their university days. It lasted only a year
before he left for overseas studies and never returned.”

Morgan, Dexter repeated the name on his tongue, sensing a faint familiarity but unable to identify it.

He opened the file folder, finding more comprehensive information than what Arnold had provided,
including Morgan’s current occupation.

The man was a Wall Street big shot, holding a respectable position.

“Should we take any action against him, Mr. Russell?”

Dexter took back the documents, his expression growing icy. “Forget it. Who hasn’t had a few romantic
flings in their younger days? No need to dwell on the past.”

“Got it.”

In the office, only the wall lamp illuminated the room. Dexter lit a cigarette, his expression inscrutable.

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