That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 471

He’s Sick

He knew Josie had a past, but his initially calm heart panicked when faced with it. He didn’t expect it.

Therefore, he understood better how sad she felt when faced with his past.

Everything was only done when the sun had fully risen. Everyone was sent home to rest, and Dexter
drove back to Mason Garden alone.

The rain stopped, and the air that came after it was fresh.

He felt dizzy and slightly unwell.

It was too early. Everyone in Mason Garden had yet to wake up.

The man went into the master bedroom to check on Josie first. She was sleeping soundly while holding
her cell phone in her hands tightly. She must have stayed up all night because

of Laura.

He hadn’t seen her in a few days. He lovingly swept her hair and took her cell phone away before
tucking her in.

He filled up the glass on the bedside table before silently shutting the door and leaving.

Josie was a light sleeper. He didn’t want to wake her, so he went to another bedroom, took off his coat,
and quickly fell asleep.

His dizziness felt slightly bizarre.

Josie noticed something after waking up. Dexter’s car keys were on the bedside table. Is he back?

Perhaps it was his tenderness from yesterday night. When she rolled over, got out of bed, and walked
barefooted, a warmth unexpectedly surged from her feet as she stepped on the


She stopped, turned back, and put on her slippers properly.

She had a habit of walking barefooted, and Dexter chided her every time he saw it, even in front of the
servants. He didn’t care about her dignity at all. He was very unreasonable.

Josie looked for him. She thought Dexter was in the study room, but it was empty.

Isn’t he around?

Has he left?

Josie didn’t think about it further when she couldn’t find him. It could even be said that she breathed a
sigh of relief.

She still held a grudge against what had happened that night.

When she turned on her cell phone, there was news from Zach. He said that Summer had been found.
She was unconscious and had a high fever after being drenched in the rain. She had been sent back to
Olsen Residence.

That day, Zach, who was also covered in mud, was brutally reprimanded by Mark. “You have to know
your limits. Don’t risk other people’s lives!”

No one knew how Zach felt after running around for the whole night. He had all sorts of emotions, but
he mostly found it absurd. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he revealed a vicious smile.

Josie was relieved after finding out that Laura was alright. She wanted to visit Laura but thought of how
she also represented Dexter, and she couldn’t go.

She sat and drew on the balcony.

Mrs. Carroll was doing some cleaning today. She walked to the study room and suddenly realized the
door of one of the bedrooms wasn’t shut properly as she passed by. She opened the door, baffled, and
saw Dexter lying on the bed, exhausted and sleeping.

She was alarmed, so she went over and said softly, “Mr. Russell, why did you fall asleep here?”

Dexter didn’t respond. Mrs. Carroll subconsciously touched his forehead, and she was taken aback.


In the end, many people crowded outside the room.

Dexter woke up.

He saw Anderson putting ointment on his hand in a daze, preparing to connect him to an IV.

Anderson saw that Dexter was awake and glared at him. “How many days haven’t you slept? Do you
want to die?”

The man’s eyes lifted slightly. His gaze was still sharp even when he was ill.

He shut his eyes. “I’m fine. I’ll be okay after sleeping.”

Anderson retorted rudely, “Your high fever was 102 degrees, and you say you’re fine? You’re really
Superman.” As he spoke, he nimbly pushed a needle into Dexter’s veins. It stung a little.

Dexter was exhausted. He smiled bitterly and allowed Anderson to do as he wished.

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