That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 472

An Ordinary Couple

Behind the door stood Josie with her back against it. She stood in a daze with a glass of warm


She suddenly felt slightly pained and had mixed emotions. She guessed Dexter went to a smaller room
because he hadn’t wanted to disturb her.

But now, she couldn’t go in.

Mrs. Carroll was walking to the room with soup.

Surprised, Josie said, “Mrs. Carroll, let me do it.”

It seemed like Mrs. Carroll had just noticed Josie’s presence, and she couldn’t help but smile
awkwardly. “Alright, Mrs. Russell. You can do it.”

Josie took the warm soup, opened the door, and entered the room.

The IV was completed, and Dexter was taking the needle out of his hand. Just as he was turning on the
lights, the contrast of his exquisite appearance made him look shrewd and imposing even when he was

The man’s first reaction was to furrow his brows when he saw Josie.

Perhaps he was befuddled from being sick and had forgotten that she was also at Mason Garden, or
he didn’t want to let her know. Maybe men in high positions like Dexter were too proud to show

Or maybe he was afraid she would worry.

When he thought about it, he laughed at himself. He was feeling fear.

Josie didn’t know what he was thinking about. She put the warm soup down, and their gazes met. Her
gaze was slightly alluring yet resentful.

She used her hands to feel his forehead and check his temperature.

Dexter pulled her hand down and held it. He tried to convince her. “It’s not warm anymore.”

His voice was hoarse because he was ill. Josie suddenly felt countless emotions swirling around in her
heart. She only asked, “Why did you sleep here?”

“I saw that you were asleep when I returned. I was afraid that I would wake you.”

At that moment, the two people in the room no longer had their guard up, nor were they

suspicious or jealous of each other. They were like a real couple in the ordinary world who were
interacting calmly. They were being authentic with each other.

Dexter pulled her into his embrace. She sat in his lap, and he buried his face into her neck. He inhaled
her familiar scent before he calmed down. It was as though he was home.

He put her at ease. “I’m alright. It’s just the common flu.”

Josie stirred the soup to cool it. “Mm. Anderson told me.”

The man whose face was buried in her neck spoke dully. “Are you still angry?”

Josie took a spoonful and indicated for him to drink it. The man revealed a childlike smile and looked at
her thoughtfully before he drank it. “You’re so considerate, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie’s hand trembled when she heard what he called her. She immediately looked away.

“I don’t have the nerve to get angry at you, Mr. Russell. It’s just children. It doesn’t matter if you don’t
want children.”

Dexter grabbed her hand. His gaze was solemn, “I didn’t mean that.”

Josie feigned nonchalance. “It’s alright. I understand.”

Dexter drank the soup when she fed it to him, one spoonful at a time, as though she were feeding a
child, but it was heartwarming.

After finishing the soup, he played with her fingers and said nothing. He gradually grew sleepy.

Josie changed the topic and talked about what had happened last night. “Thanks for helping to look for
Laura. She’s safe and back at Olsen Residence.”

“She’s too impulsive and has an intense temper,” Dexter commented, “it’s too immature of her to harm
herself because of other people.”

Josie retorted, “Perhaps she was too upset and had no other way, so she could only do that. Maybe
she was using her pain to distract her.”

Dexter was momentarily silent. He found her waist and caressed her thistle tattoo. She groaned softly
when his fingers touched it lightly.

“Does it still hurt?”

“Not anymore.”

Josie’s pitch-black eyes were deep. For a moment, Dexter, who could see through countless

people, didn’t know what she was thinking.

At this time, Anderson, who thought Dexter must have finished his IV, opened the door. “Dex…”

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