That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 475

Domestic Violence

When Josie opened the studio doors the following day, she saw Laura, who was there early. Laura was
sitting under the sun, and her excellent figure was seen. She looked up when she heard a noise. “Hey.
You’re early, Ms. Warren.”

Josie didn’t smile. She approached Laura and carefully examined Laura’s face. Laura had deliberately
put on a thick layer of foundation, and her injuries couldn’t be seen. She was in long sleeves and long
pants, and everything was hidden.

“Why are you looking at me?” Laura smiled. The next moment, Josie pulled Laura’s wrist and lifted her
sleeves. Bruises and scars covered her delicate and fair arms.

Laura’s smile became slightly awkward. “What are you doing?”

“Which were caused by you? And which were by him?” Josie finally asked, incensed.

Laura was dumbstruck. She concealed the dejection in her eyes and turned. “This is common in a
wealthy household. I received something I shouldn’t have, so I naturally should pay the price.”

Josie didn’t understand, and she raised her voice. “He pursued you and married you extravagantly
back then. Don’t belittle yourself, Laura.”

“I begged him to.” Laura interrupted her, and Josie was startled. “There was trouble at home, and I
didn’t have money. Mr. Carter and Mr. Russell helped me, and I wanted more just in case, so I called
Summer and asked to borrow money from her, but she didn’t lend me anything.”

“We’ve been good friends for many years. I always looked out for her while she wasn’t in the country,
and thought she would help me no matter what. But I never imagined she wouldn’t consider my
feelings as much as you did then.”

Josie was astonished when she heard it.

She didn’t think Summer was such a petty person.

Laura took a deep breath. She seemed to have guessed what Josie was thinking. “Summer is very
selfish and only approaches people who benefit her. She disregarded me once I was of no use to her. I
was abandoned.”

“I had no other way, and I met Calvin under those circumstances. He pursued me in the past, so I could
only give in.”

Laura smiled as she spoke. “I can feel that he really likes me but looks down on me. After getting
married, Zach explicitly and implicitly told me not to work. If I spoke to any other man, he would
inexplicably give me the silent treatment. After that, it slowly escalated into domestic violence”

Josie was alarmed just by listening. She frowned. She could guess that Laura wouldn’t concede with
her arrogant and stubborn behavior, so the problems between the two would only intensify.

“Aren’t you staying with the Olsen family? Mark and Summer are there as well. Don’t they care?”

“Mark turns a blind eye to his son while Summer and I aren’t speaking. She won’t help me. The whole
family isn’t pleased with this marriage.”

“What about the servants?”

“Zach has a secret room in the Olsen Residence. He will usually drag me in there to hit me. Even if the
servants know, it’s useless.”

Josie felt weak. “Can you get a divorce?”

A thought had occurred in her head. Laura can’t continue in this marriage.

Laura looked at Josie gratefully. “Not for now. Don’t worry. He has a mistress and doesn’t return home
often. It’ll be alright if I’m careful.”

Josie was still worried and paced in the office. She still thought it was wrong and hesitated before
texting Matthew. ‘Matt, do you know any reliable psychologists in the hospital?‘

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