That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 479

Negotiation Meeting

Arnold paused as he buttoned his cuff. He wrinkled his brows. “Why is she here!

For business”

“Is she in a tough spot!”


Arnold walked out of the room. “That’s good.”

Time passed, and the atmosphere on the first floor was utterly boisterous. A popular, scantily-clad girl
band danced frantically and sensually on a large stage. Offstage, everyone raised their glasses. Some
were exhilarated, and some only sat as they drank. They were cut off from the outside world and were

On the other end, Josie lamented that Arnold had created a great atmosphere. She found the reception
and wanted to book a private room’s hot springs but was notified that she needed to reserve in

Those fellows didn’t lie.

She was just about to look for Angel and Jade. She turned around, and someone tapped her shoulder
while calling out softly, “Mrs. Russell.”

Josie was surprised. She turned and saw Larry in the light. “You.”

Larry pulled her to a corner. “Why are you here?”

“I came to deal with work, of course. He Is Dexter around?”

Larry nodded. “Come with me”

Because of the low light, Josie sprained her leg as she walked down the stairs. She suddenly felt a
piercingly painful sensation. It hurt so much that she was about to cry.

The door of the luxurious private room opened on the top floor, and the man was leaning against the
couch. His face was partly dark, and his demeanor was dignified yet threatening. He had a neat

Dexter had just finished a call and frowned when he saw the woman limp.

Josie asked Larry, “Do you have an antiseptic spray?”

Larry came to his senses. I’ll look for it now.” After that, he immediately found a small medical box,
located the spray, and gave it to her.

Josie took it from him and walked to Dexter’s side miserably. It was hard to conceal her guilty

I sprained my leg

Dexter was calm. He knew her ploy but didn’t object. He took the bottle from her.

Josie immediately raised her legs up cleverly and put them in his lap

His voice was ice cold. “Which leg

“The left leg. Ah, not so hard… It hurts.“

“How did you sprain it?”

“I walked too fast because I wanted to see you…”

The man’s eyes darkened, and he glanced at her solemnly. His hand on her ankle was warm. “Don’t try
and flatter me. Why are you here today?”

“It was Laura’s job, but she was injured, so I could only come on her behalf. You won’t blame me, will
you?” She often acted coy around him these days.

Dexter rubbed her ankle. “Little vixen.”

Josie leaned against his neck and felt very secure. “Why are you here? I heard that this is Arnold’s

“It’s clearly for business and a negotiation meeting.

Before she could nod, Larry added, “Mr. Russell announced for a mid-way break when he knew you
were around. He has to go on.”

Josie’s eyes lit up. Dexter was displeased at Larry, but before Dexter could say anything, his work
phone near the couch suddenly started vibrating.

Josie was surprised. She fished out the cell phone from the crack behind her and turned to look at the
caller ID before giving it to Dexter. She had a haughty tone. “Who is it? There’s no caller ID.”

Dexter took it from her and deliberately wanted to infuriate her. “My mistress. Do you believe that?”

Josie smiled and didn’t say anything because he had already answered the call.

Andy left the room.

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